Does anyone could help me on this

I am doing a link building for this website <snip> and for almost one half months now still not having a page rank. I just wondering how will I could get at least pr 1. any suggestion… I do blog commenting, forums, and social bookmark for this website.

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PageRank is not all that important, but your site needs to have been online for a while to start showing anything. The real PageRank is not what’s shown in your browser, anyhow, so you may have some rank already. Google updates PageRank about 4 times per year, so you’ll have to wait for the next update, which may be several months away (I’m not sure, but I think there was an update recently).

I guess need to continue what I am doing…thanks any advise aside on doing bookmark, blog comment directory submission?
I have another question how many time should I post a bookmark in a day. Should I wait for 24 hours before I could post again?:rolleyes::slight_smile:

it’s a short period to have a pagerank
but i think if you continue what you doing your site will get a good pagerank on the next pagerank update

Yes. Keep working at it as others have said.

taken me 6 month to go from 0 to 3 keep ith it

But I am lucky that I got an increase in PR of my website from 3-4 within 2 months.

Few suggestions to get page rank for a website:

  1. Get more quality backlinks for your site
  2. Do proper inter linking of each web pages in your site. Make sure every web page links back to your home page. This helps you to gain page rank for your home page.
  3. Domain age is another factor which helps to gain page rank automatically.
  4. Keep fresh content and update your site regularly.

Important thing is to more concentrate on quality of backlinks that points to your site, then your page rank will automatically increase after the next Google PR update.

Please make sure you do this right. Quality, ORIGINAL content with good keyword usage. This is so important because Google and search engines are extremely selective and picky about content (including blogs and articles.) best of luck with your site!!!

Yeah you should continue your work.SEO is not one time work it is on going process.Hope you will get awarded with page rank in coming update.Other than bookmark, blog comment, directory submission, you can go for article submission,press release,blogging,video submission,social networking,e.t.c.

PR is very important for any website. If you want to improve your website PR try these

  1. Promote your website in high PR websites
  2. Do article directories submission
  3. Update the content regularly.
  4. Press Release submission.

:mad: Lies, lies and more lies :mad:

PageRank doesn’t matter. Where your site appears in the search results matter. There is very little correlation between the two.

Is having links on every page back to your home page important?

Yes. How else is someone who arrives at an inner page by way of a direct link (either from a search engine or another website) going to find their way around your site?

That’s what the main navigation is for. And often the logo too links back to the Home page. As for more home links on each page … well, only in moderation, it it’s really needed. Don’t do it because of SEO.

Keep your mind If you work is right way you have to success. I suggest :

  1. Your site content and body structure (for onsite SEO) with xml sitemap.
  2. I think you should build the quality and organic with dofollow backlinks for that. Such as blog, directory, forums. Articles submission with your site content.
  3. Search engine submission.

Do follow this suggestion you will be success Insallah.

Seo is a regular process. To get high pr you have to work regularly.Do article submission and if you are doing bookmarking and directory submission then do submission in do follow and high pr sites. This will not only bring traffic to your site but also increase your pr.

Nobody can guarantee a high search ranking position for a keyword that many people actively look for. There are too many factors involved inside and outside of the scope of your SEO campaign that influence search rankings for anyone to make an accurate prediction of how high one can rank and how long it will take to do so.

The best thing to do is to stick to your guns and keep improving and optimizing your site. I think that you should make significant improvements within 6 months to 1 year.