Google PR updated today!


It’s a good news for all of us that Google has made PR updations today…!!

My site has got 3 and 2 PR for all the pages…I am very happy!!

What about your sites guys?? Have you checked it out??

No update from Spain however we are already where we are likely to be for a long time.

However I wouldnt worry to much about PR

Yes you are right Google has updated PR i also got 3 PR for my Wordpress blog :slight_smile:

Why is this even news?

Because they don’t know that PR is nearly worthless. Shhhhh, don’t let the cat out of the bag. :wink:

PR UP, SERPS down sort of gives the game away somewhat.

Of much more concern is actually Google discounting PR in there new SERPS which has been our experience in the last month.

is this confirmed by someone else ?

Google have removed the PR from our official blog on our website from 2 to 0 normally I dont care about PR but obviously with 200 post linking to the main site its better to have a PR of 2 than 0.

Google did this to me once before but a month a go reinstated the PR for the blog when they increased all the other pages PR

Anyone have any ideas as to why Google would have taken the PR away from our blog but not any of our other pages?

One of our main sub pages went up from 2 to 3 but other than that I am at a loss to comprehend the removal of the PR from the blog

Google PR is essentially worthless. The ONLY thing it’s used for is a tiebreaker for the search results. Concentrate your efforts elsewhere and you’ll do your website a favor.

I know this but 200 links from a pr2 blog is better than 200 links from a non PR blog

No, it’s not. The difference is negligent and a difference that makes no difference doesn’t matter.

So at what point does the quality of a site that links to you benefit your rankings then?

Or has the algorythm changed

We have over 300 links from pr5 to Pr7 amd qiuality content of our on those sites.

Be interested in your views on this

The quality of the site makes the majority of the difference when it comes to backlinks. There are hundreds of factors that go into the quality of the website calculation. Additionally, how relevant the website is compared to yours makes a large difference as well.

The part I’m saying makes a negligent difference is the PageRank of the pages you’re getting links from. PageRank has nothing to do with the quality of the pages.

Put another way if Google doesnt use the page rank it has given sites to evalutate if it is a quality web site or not how does it evaluate a website to make its calculation?

PageRank is not the final value that Google places on a website. If it was, then there would only be 11 results for any Google search because there are only 11 possible PageRank values: 0-10.

In reality, PageRank is not a whole number and is not a reflection on how important Google thinks your page is. Rather it’s an estimated calculation rounded to the nearest integer of how many websites link to you and the quality of those links.

That being said, PageRank is only used on the SERP as a tie-breaker. So if you and I both had the exact same website but your PageRank was higher, then you’d rank 1 place above me. However, in the real world this is next to impossible to happen since every website is unique which essentially means that PageRank is worthless.

I get your point about page rank but Google is essentially a computer so if it doesnt use page rank to assess the quality of the link to your site what does it use as the Google principal has always been founded on if another site recomends your webiste then your website should feature higher in the rankings than one with no recomendations, obviously things have evolved.

You and I can look at two equal websites and decide what is best but for a computer thats much more difficult

So there has to be key factors to determine the quality of the link from a Google perspective, this is what I was trying to understand.

I guess this PR Update for Google was very generous, google tried to make everyone happy, even my Blog posts have the same rank as the blog itself has.

I am happy too :smiley:

MY twitter followers also got PR 1 right now…

…and it is useful that we know this becasue…?