Page Rank Updated

Today Google has updated PR. It is year’s 2nd PR update after January 2011(after 5 months).

I had most of my index pages go up and lots of my subpages go down!

My progress is pretty good. I got 3 PR for one site & 2 Pr for 3 websites each.
Also internal pages & resource page also got PR 1.
It’s the time to party!!!:slight_smile:

My pagerank did increase slightly, but I keep reading people posting that pagerank doesnt mean much anymore. Any truth to this, or are those people just sore because of their crappy pageranks?

Google used to use about 200 factors in determining where to put sites in their search results. The recent changes to their algorithms have probably added even more factors.

Page Rank used to be about the 200th most important factor (ie there were only 199 things that were considered to be more relevant). It has probably moved further down the list now that the list of factors to take into account is longer.

It’s funny to see an increase to my site’s PR, but ranking goes down. :frowning:

happy to see my page rank went up by 1.

but have to work on ranking in google search engine.

Yes absolutely.My site ranking goes down but my site PR increased from 3 to 5. The last update was made about six months ago.

And, drop to PR9? What happened?

It has been a positive update for us. All the inner pages has got with the rank update. However, hope to see developments in the SERP ranking to improve the traffic to the site.

Mine site PR has increased from PR2 to P3 and PR0 to P1…:slight_smile:


well I guess you win some and lose some, i got a PR 3 on my main site but the rest of my sites in bottom! Better luck next time i guess

My Sites Page Ranks also increased after this Panda Update… :slight_smile:

My new website has +1 Pr yesterday. Hoping it will continue moving up as the time goes by.

I think this is the second update after January this year…

my site page rank is increased from pr1 to pr2.

Some of my sites moved but PR does not carry the Kudos it did a few years back,i would rather have a site with a low PR but plenty of visitors rather than a high PR and a low amount of visitors.I will agree that you can charge more for a link if it has a high PR and also if you are selling a site if it has a higher PR you can command more i guess.

Yeah, you’re right about that. Some people get so hung up on PR and backlinking that they forget that the overall goal is to drive traffic to your site. Of all the advice I’ve read online on this topic the best is still “if you promote your site organically, rather than strive for the most links or the highest PR, you will get the best results.”

Yeah, I’m glad our sites received a boost in PR. From no PR to PR 2 and one even went up to PR 3.

Thanks for the update!

interesting that this happens now. so many things are changing at google, with Panda and new algos or rather tweaks to the algos…checking some of my pages I was kind of surprised that one main page went down and another page which i would hardly have expected went up…and yes page rank is still important as Cutts said this past year it’s the main factor in determining how often and how deeply the bot goes around and visits/indexes a site…