I'm Driving More Traffic to My Site, but my PR Stays the Same

I am fully aware that SEO and getting indexed in Google can take months - in some cases.

My analytics report my site receiving a substantially “larger” amount of traffic from new sources. Additionally, I have gone to great lengths to ensure I’m adding more posts-per-week and interacting with Comments left by viewers.

Again, my PR remains 0. Granted my backlinks are lower than they should be and I am still using WordPress 2.9.1.

Basically, my question to the community is as follows: "Would WordPress from 2.9 - 3.0 increase my chances of improving my page ranking?

I’m going to focus my efforts on procuring more backlinks to the site, hopefully that helps. Time for trial by fire. Any and all insight would be welcome and greatly appreciated!

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What i have read is that if you want a page rank 5 you need to get plenty of page rank 6 sites plus pagerank 5 and 4, if you search google “how to get google page rank 5” it will show some sites that have graphs that show you how many links that you will need to get a good pagerank.

traffic and PR not directly proportional to each other…PR is just a +factor

I’ve seen sites that were more than 3 years old that still have a PR of 0.

I don’t think that google cares much what version of WP you’re using as long as the theme is SE friendly; However, it would be beneficial for you to upgrade to the latest version, because of security fixes, and added functionality.

That’s the best attitude to have! If you’re doing everything right, your PR will improve over time. However, a high PR doesn’t guarantee you alot of traffic. In fact, 99% of people probably have no idea what PR is - but they can figure out that the top results in the search engine results are probably the best.

Same here, it makes me wonder why people start posts with phrases like “I finally got my site indexed by google”. :rolleyes:

I think my site was indexed within a few hours of it going public, and Googlebot crawls my pages at least once a week.

Maybe they connect their lack of PR or traffic to googlebot not coming round.

PR has absolutely nothing whatever to do with the amount of traffic your pages receive.

Right. Page Rank is a reflection of your backlinks.

All you have to do now is to focus building links to gain quality links.

In light of that; What good is page rank anyways?! :confused:

If that’s true then I say screw page rank, give me mega traffic.

I’ve never used WP, but if there’s a big difference between 1 version and the other (a difference that really matters to your viewers and what kind of experience you can provide for them), then do it. The goal is to be a solid source of information for your readers. If the newest WP just offers fancier graphics and nothing really of substance, I wouldn’t worry about it.

And, as far as PR goes, you may be pleasantly surprised when the next update comes out if you’ve been working hard to build quality links. However, in the meantime, don’t worry about. Just keep focusing on providing quality information, which, in turn, will get you quality one-way links.

Thank you all for your insight, very much appreciated. I am fully aware that links are the best - however i was previously unaware they were one of the only - ways of increasing one’s page ranking.

Beyond that, I would say the only question I still have is "if updating my version of WP from 2.9 - 3.0 would have any positive impact on my efforts to improve this site.

Updating Word\Press from 2.9 to 3.1 would remove a lot of security holes bet wouldn’t have amy impact on PR and probably next to no effect on Search Engine Ranking Position either.

The topic is

Would WordPress from 2.9 - 3.0 increase my chances of improving my page ranking?

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PR has absolutely nothing whatever to do with the amount of traffic your pages receive.

No changes you make to your site are going to directly affect the PR.

The only thing that will affect PR is when other pages link to your pages. They will pass along an amount of PR based on the PR of that page and the number of outgoing links on the page. Then in a few months time Google will get around to updating the published PR figures by converting that actual PR into a near meaningless number between 0 and 10.

Not sure how you got the info why your PR will change if you get more and more visitors.

I can build a blog with zero traffic and get a PR1 or 2 in 2 months. But that would be pretty useless. So don’t worry with your PR because traffic is more important than PR.

Get more backlinks (ie links to your site posted on other reputable sites) then your PR will go up.

LOLOL. Felgall, and ZXT hit it exactly. PR isn’t a very meaningful thing at all actually. I’ve seen many PR4 sites with like 1/5 the traffic of PR0 sites.
It’s strange, I’ve never waited more than a week for Google indexing, I find Bing to be the moody one I can’t figure out. I don’t do anything special either, just submit a site map.

Traffic and quality, those are the only things I worry myself with.