Please help review our new website

Hey everyone!

Our web design agency website is launching soon, we’re at the final stage of testing and clearing out all the pesky bugs.

If we could spare 10 minutes of your time, we hope you can test out our website and let us know your thoughts.

Please rate us from 1-10 on the following categories:
Loading Speed:
Bugs/Issues: Did you encounter any problem while browsing our website?
Your comments: Any feedback good or bad is always welcome.

Please visit us at

Thank you for your time!

Best regards,
Adam Lee

Loading Speed: 5.
Usability: 7
Design: 8
Bugs/Issues: 9
Your comments:
It took a few seconds for the first page to load, which on the connection I’m on (it’s really good at work), probably means you’ve got some load or optimization issues, dunno. Same thing on other page loads. Unless it’s just geography. Other than that, I liked it. I like the little logo, and the general layout of the site. It’s different from the long form content we see a lot of now. The one thing I’d note is that having only the hamburger menu for navigation is a little obscure to some users. I didn’t mind, but some people might. No bugs/problems stood out (although this was a pretty quick look).

Hopefully you stay around SitePoint as you launch your new endeavor and use us as a resource for your new business, while also helping out others with your own knowledge :wink:

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Loading Speed: 6
Usability: 6
Design: 8
It seems nice. I am no professor in web testing but I think it’s kind of weird that you homepage barely have room for operation. But still, it’s a pretty good website

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Loading Speed: 6
Usability: 8
Design: 9
Bugs/Issues: I did not find any
Your comments: I like the layout you’re using, and I could find information really quickly. My only note will be about the footer area where you ask to “Let’s grab coffee, talk about your business and start something great together.” and have the button “START A PROJECT”. It needs a bit more space to breathe. It is that close to the bottom edge that I almost missed it as if there was something less important over there. Give that area some credit, and it will look good.

Have fun,


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Hey everyone, sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for testing out our website and giving us your thoughts! We’re working on several issues that you guys have pointed out such as making the menu more prominent as Jeffrey has pointed out.

The loading speed is definitely our major concern. We have since minify all our css/js, added wp super cache, cloudflare cdn, optimized images via smushit, and our PageSpeed score is A(96%) YSlow score B(87%), Litespeed cache has also been enabled. Would you guys mind testing the website again and see if there’s any improvement in the loading speed?

Thanks again jeffreylees, Haley_Jones & Raluca. We appreciate your feedback!

Loading Speed: 7
Usability: 7
Design: 6
Bugs/Issues: 7
Your comments:
Is it me or did the video banner kept on flashing when I tried to scroll down?

A little comment regarding the portfolio/showcase is that the View Project is on a very weird placement. I suggest placing it just beside the project name so it can be easily seen.

Loading Speed:7
Usability: 7.5
Design: 8
Bugs/Issues: didn’t find any.

My only real concern is on your mobile view, on your contact page, your form get’s a little squished.
Maybe try stacking your form fields instead of cutting off your text.

Also having a back to top button on mobile views would benefit the users, if you header isn’t going to be in a “fixed” state like it is on desktop view.

Other wise it’s looking great :slight_smile:

Without JS enabled, the landing page is blank and the menu is unusable. Not a good first impression.

With JS enabled, keyboard navigation is possible but difficult. Tab cycles through the links in the page before moving on to the menu, which I find unintuitive. There is little or no indication of where the focus is in on-page links (depending on browser used), and no indication at all once the menu is reached. The only way to know which link is in focus is to look for the URL displayed by the browser.

Reducing the number or server requests might help improve load times. For example, could you combine at least some of the 14 scripts and 11 style sheets called by the home page?

Somehow, I was surprised to find the “Start your project today” button just went to the standard contact form. I’m not sure what I expected. Maybe that’s just me.

The contact form is very hard to read against the background image, and the “Captcha” is pretty well impossible, as there is insufficient contrast with the background.

Sorry if this all sounds negative. I do like the overall design; I just think it would be so much better if it were more accessible.

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