Ecommerce Website Critique and Feedback

Hi Everyone,

I have finally managed to open my ecommerce website and I would really appreciate some critique and feedback on the site.

I have had some really good visitor numbers but the bounce rate is very high and conversion rate is very low.

I’m not expecting to be an overnight success but I’m struggling to view things through neutral eyes and there may be some very obvious changes I need to make.

I appreciate any criticisms, and would be really keen to hear people’s first thoughts.

Thanks in advance,


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Home page

The hero animation is totally pointless. Apart from it taking about 10 seconds to load and complete, it adds absolutely no value to customers. On my 13" laptop (browser full screen) I can’t even see any products unless I scroll down. This won’t help your bounce rate either.

You have some javascript controlling the scroll event - get rid of it, it’s awkward and a pain in the rear.

The home page took many seconds to load for me, that’s an eternity and normally i wouldn’t stick around with it being so slow. Really for an ecommerce site you need to be looking at pages loading in about 2-4 seconds tops else people will get fed up and leave. The problem is the page weight:

2 Documents 55 KB
14 Images 2507 KB
32 Scripts 932 KB
11 Style Sheets 270 KB
59 Files 3763 KB

You need to do some optimisation work to shrink image file sizes, reduce http requests, call 32 scripts and 11 style sheets does you no favours. I noted you’re pulling in two versions of Jquery, you only need one.

It’s well worth running key pages through to see where you can make speed improvements.

The animation in general (ie things sliding in from the side) is really pointless as well, apart from making me feel giddy each time I see it, all it does is get in the way. Remove the decorative animations and save yourself some page weight and http requests!

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Thank you for your detailed feedback.

A lot to take down and get my head around.

Very much appreciated.

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