Developer trying to improve Design

Hi all,

I’ve a website on a temp server, and need feeback on how to improve the websites design.

I’m getting the logo remade, but otherwise I feel like the site is missing something, especially the homepage.

My background is in development not design so I’ve struggled to make the site look as appealing as I would have liked, also any links to tutorials or references would be great. (I really struggled with getting the image hover to work).

Any feedback is appreciated, Font type (rational would be nice) colors, hover effects etc

Overall, I think the site looks pretty good and quite professional. It’s getting late here and I will take another look tomorrow.

But in the meantime, here are a few things that I noticed right away that could be improved:

Your contact phone number is hard to read (red on black, then teal on black on hover are colour combinations that don’t have enough contrast). Also the difference between the navigation links and their colour on hover is so slight, that I’m not even sure I can see the difference. I would change the hover colour to something like the red.

I would slow down the transitions in the slideshow - especially where it goes back to the beginning. I found it a bit distracting.

The grey boxes in the search area have a soft drop-shadow that makes them look a bit fuzzy. But lower down, you have some grey boxes with darker grey borders for the new wheel arrivals. They look crisper and more in line with the overall style of the site. I would make the search boxes like those ones also.

The new wheel arrivals boxes feel kind of crowded, but I think you could give them some more space by just moving the red banner things in closer to the boxes, like this:


Thank you for taking the time to review my site, I really appreciate the feedback and will apply what you’ve suggested. I’m actually thinking to move the contact number, or all of the information in the black banner into where the logo is and pushing the logo to only have 1/3 or 1/2 of the banner?

I feel like I like the font less and less the longer I look at it, is this normal when you’ve worked on a project for a little while?


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