How to increase PR of website?

My website has been listed for more than one year. and Google has indexed over 40,000 pages and I have keep updating daily.

However, the PR is still 0, is there suggestions?

I have submit website to Google, Yahoo, Bing and a few of website directory

Remember that PageRank is a pretty meaningless and irrelevant measure. All PR looks at is your inbound links. If you haven’t got lots of them, your PR will stay very low.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get a good position in the search results though - and that is what really matters, that’s what you should be focusing on.

This may sound rude, but 40,000 pages of what exactly? I work on huge, authoritative content sites that have less pages than that! A description of your site and what it does would be very helpful.

A website doesn’t have a PR. Pages do.

Actually from last year Google has updated PR very few time and may be your website not updated yet.But I ll recommend you to do quality link building with high PR,do follow and relevant website.You can also do some work on website content too.

Also, the PR of your backlinks has influence on your PR. If you have 40,000 PR 0 pages then it doesn’t help your page as much.

Yes! Thats right. Why most of us are going behind PR? PR is not that much important which decides your website quality.

If you want good PR for your page, you need to excellent quality backlinks.
Pr is not a very important metric for website’s performance, you website can give your good conversion even with 0 PR.

Make do-follow back links from your related websites, articles and try to do some do-follow blog comments. Make a good profile in some great forum sites and try to make a profile in stumbleupon.

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