November Photo Showcase - Pets


Ok, so this one usually starts in a dogs vs cats argument... but let's have 'em. Photos of your pets.

I have two burmese cats, Julio and Chico.



This is my whippet, Ruby. She sometimes comes to work with me in the SitePoint office in Melbourne.


I used to have a dachshund, Louis. I had no idea, but dogs' hair also goes grey/white. He was 12 in this one (his favourite step to lie on).

He was pretty disobedient! How about yours, Matt?


Our puppy, Indiana.

This is how he sleeps - "Platoon" style.


I have 2 Turkish angora cats.
Male is Avatar, he is 10 month old

Female is Bjork, she is 1 year and 3 month.

And their first litter! 3 boys (whites and black tabby) and 2 girls (black and black tabby).


My handsome and very curious cat, Photon!



it seems like it's 4-3 for dogs. time to make it 4-4.

meet my black cat Zuma. one tomcat living the life smile


Fussy, the most spoiled cat ever. He's in my lap as I type this.

Beebee, our most recent adoption. He's got only one good eye and can't jump too well.


My cat smile I called her katie....
Really cute. Right? smile


My 2 dogs Molly and Fergal


John, your Katie looks like my Fussy before he grew.


lovable animals


Ok - I'm cheating a little bit here.

Kojo here I consider my dog-in-law since he's my brothers, and the cat is a stray my neighbor's been taking care of since he showed up this summer, but I'm hoping I can take him off her hands soon. smile

Great pics everyone!



so cute!!


my bunny.


this is my bestfriend and his name is "Basty".



So many cats & dogs... let's add some other pets smiley


Does Benny's friend count as 'other'?


Wow. A lot of good looking cats on here.

Hey beebs93, what kind of dog is that? I know the breed, but can't think of name at the moment.