November Photo Showcase - Pets



Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (or Swissie). Known as the Poor Man's Horse since they are uber strong pullers.

Managed to find an updated picture:


I'm loving all these pictures. Nice work people!


Here's my boxer, Nova....


My dearest cat




My favorite cat. My boss call it "Mano".


Our newest addition to the Cooper family is called Duke (Royal House Master is his pedigree name or something or other so we found it quite fitting to call him Duke). He's a lovely little English Cocker Spaniel and all I know is that he is the cutest dog we've ever owned and the best in terms of love and behaviour.

Without further adieu...

Of course we have loads more pictures of him. These pictures were taken when we got him at just a few weeks old. These pictures were taken after he had his injections so he could play outside. smile

Andrew Cooper