Do you think that the cats are the women’s best friends?

Do you think that the cats are the women’s best friends?
I think that the cats are the women’s best friends. My wife never liked any type of pet in the past, as she thought they were useless and dumb. But, recently she bought 3 cats and she now loves them. This change in her mind happened after reading the online article: the glory of the cat – adidarwinian She is now a fan of the cats, adores them, and cats are her best friends. Do you think that cats are the women’s best friends?

I surely don’t think so, though I have seen a lot of women taking cats as pets but I can’t judge anything based on that.

Yeah every Women’s love their cats and Men’s love Dogs more. Pets are trustworthy than people’s :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about it but, most of women love their cats.

Hmm … we know that women like cats but never know that a cat will not love the man! They fall for the house, where always found something to eat. So carefully cats are like animals flattering. True friend of man is dog.

Yes, you are right cats are the women’s best friends. Women likes cats very much.

Mostly women loves to be friend with cats.

I would say Diamonds are a women’s Best friends.

It is the wish of all women that she should look different from the crowd. All should recognize the beauty of women and should appreciate it. So, diamond is what today’s women had chosen. The soft sparkling of diamond which stands different in the crowd is what women like. It reveals the status, femininity of women. As women of today like to posses grand status in society. She is no more confined to the four walls of house. In order to show her grand style wearing one diamond serves the purpose.

I don’t think Women best friends are cats. Although women love to have pets. The best friends of women are their fashionable jewelry and clothes.

I dont think it like it. Many women are also scared of cats :stuck_out_tongue:

I honestly don’t think that cats are women’s bestfriend because I truly love my dogs. And I think it depends on what the women wants. We all know that we are all unique individuals.

It is seems to ok but a cat is a good friend of women to pass their solo time that is all . I think there is no other way to Make a best friend.

yes offcourse. Cats are women’s best friends…

mostly many girls have cats but me i have don’t no that and to be frank many girls aware of cats.

I think this discussion is leading nowhere. Thread closed.