What kind of pets do you have?

What kind of pet(s) do you have? I love my shelter/rescue dogs. We have three at our house, a 12 year old yellow Lab mix, a four year old shepherd mix and a 10 year old who-knows-what mix!


I love pets . All kind of them. Love animals but my apartment is too small and I’m away too long. It would be cruel to leave my pet so much time alone and I don’t feel that I can provide a good care for him right now

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had cats.

I currently have a neutered short-haired tomcat named Aonghais (pronounced ‘Angus’), whom I believe to be the runt of his litter. Almost completely solid black fur and golden eyes. His momma is the best mouser in Phelps County.



A Humane Shelter rescue dachshund who has seizures and is prone to pancreatitis. And an 18yr (ish) old cat who I found as a stray in 1998. I don’t know what the cat is, she has a flat face and coloring like a Maine Coon, but weighs 5lbs max.

We had three dogs at one time. Our Golden Retriever died unexpectedly (she was the youngest). She also had a bad girl image to maintain. Broke my heart when she passed.

Our oldest died late last year. She was a Spitz mix. She had one front leg removed because of cancer but she did well after that.

Our Black Lab is the last one right now and he suffers from arthritis in his hips. But he still wags his tail. Big and black but a scared y-cat inside. Afraid of everything.

It’s hard to lose a pet, isn’t it? We just lost our big black lab, Bo, to lymphoma in June. I had him for over 12 years. He was an awesome dog. He, too, was a giant baby :smile:

You said that! Very hard. I always remember the Rainbow Bridge poem.

When I have to make the hard choice to put down a pet I always tell them before they are gone that I will find them at that bridge.

Gee I’m tearing up now. I just read the poem again. I would post it here but I think it is against the rules. :frowning:


We have two burmese cats called Dr John Hawk and Furry. They are hilarious.
We also have a budgie called Tailfeathers.

We got a new puppy Spoodle in Feb this year. It’s my first re-entry into the pet world since I was a kid. This little chap is the love of my life now. Sorry wife! :smiley:


I have few kitties but the most one i love is Blue of Russia kind. She is so smart that amazed all my family.

I have two mutts that I was able to adopt before they got to the shelter. One is fiercely protective, and has a bad habit of biting guests, and the other has killed 2-5 cats that have ventured into his territory. Besides that, they’re the sweetest animals I’ve had, and they’re fitting in well with the move to Southern California!

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I used to have a Papillon, who later got Addison’s Disease and eventually had to be put down (at the age of 3).


@ralphm: The hair on that dog reminds me of my youngest niece. :smiley: I gave her the nickname of poodle.

The biggest pet that I ever had was a budgie, though he is long gone from many years ago. Now I have pet fish. My sisters both have dogs, and one of them has a cat and a pet turtle.

Hehe … I won’t tell her you said that. :stuck_out_tongue:

No harm meant in it, I just meant that her style of hair is all wavy like that. That’s why we call her “poodle”.

No worries … I undestood that. :smiley:

We got a new Boxer puppy this week. She’s almost as big as our Dachshund and only 11 weeks old.


Homer & Leela

(Leela is Futurama, but we didn’t name Homer :slight_smile: Just in case anyone was wondering. lol Homer was originally owned by an old woman who tried to put him down because he has seizures.)

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Well, someone scored a Homer on that name. :stuck_out_tongue: Daxies are gorgeous. I grew up with them, and they continue to have a special place in my heart. (We only didn’t get one this time around because my wife’s never had one and can’t quite come to terms with how weird they look!)

PS—Leela is gorgeous, too, of course!

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He’s a good dog, but he doesn’t like the puppy. I think he’s just being a cranky old man. He’s 7 (ish).

We got the puppy because we’ve been wanting a dog we can be active with and take to the dog park and hiking and stuff. And also to get the other dog to be more active now that he’s getting older.

Yeah, it’s funny how older dogs get cranky like that. I like the idea of having an older and a younger dog together, so that you don’t lose both around the same time. My inlaws have done that for decades, and traditions started by the first dog (like howling at ambulances) have been passed all the way down.

We are babysitting two middle-aged dogs at the moment, and sadly they aren’t the least interested in interacting with our puppy, who is dying to play with them. Bloody dogs. :stuck_out_tongue: