Dogs vs Cats

simplest question of all… which do you like most and why… just wondering…
right now i am seeing them play on the middle of the road from my office window

dogs! - cats are boring, they are only good for youtube videos.

Cats here. You can leave them alone for a couple of days as long as they have water, food and clean litter. Leave a dog alone half a day and everything is chewed.

Also there is something special about their “I don’t give a f**k” attitude

That’s an amazing picture, @AdrianSandu. It looks like a 1940s film star in a fur coat.

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I can’t decide. I love them both equally! :smile:


Cats of course…they are peacefull not like dogs :smile:

cats   :smile_cat: :cat: :cat2: :smiley_cat:

Their purr is very soothing.

As forum admin, I’m afraid I have to step in here and rule that dogs are better. Discussion closed. :slight_smile:


Chairman Meow disagrees with you. Perhaps it is time for a bit of change… perhaps it is time for revolution…


Don’t ask meow you’re going to swing that (let alone a cat). I’ve been dogged by cats long enough. I’m not feline in the mood for any more of that.


i like the image… i give you that… but cant seem to love cats no matter how cute they look

after reading this… i just love dogs…
cats are scary… their eyes in night…
plus they look like they are about to do some kind of mischief


I guess the proper answer for this type of topic is:

Let’s all agree to disagree


I think this sums it up nicely :laughing:


Cats are smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.

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Dogs, they are friendly

I like both, cats and dogs! But if I had an opportunity to have cat or dog, sure I will choose a dog! At least, you can train dog to execute some commands and it can protect your house!

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Speaking from experience?

Dogs taste better…

Oh dear, John!