Newbie Blogger - Tasks setting up blog

I’m new to blogging (few months) and keep finding new tasks that I need to complete. Here’s what I’ve done so far


  1. Obtain my own domain
  2. Setup Blogger
  3. Created sitemap on Google Webmaster Tools
  4. Redirected to my domain
  5. Setup RSS feed
  6. Redirected RSS Feed to Feedburner
  7. Submitted to blog directories
  8. Submitted to RSS Feed directories


  1. Write content 2-3 times a week
  2. Ping RSS feeds via shark feed
  3. Update StumbleUpon
  4. Update Tweeter
  5. Update Facebook
  6. Update Reddit
  7. Rinse-Repeat

Also, participate in social media and forums.

I’m open to any suggestions to improving exposure. Also, I’m interested to hear what’s better regarding Wordpress or continue with Blogger.


Not sure if you are trying to point out the blogging details here, right from obtaining a domain till the promotion that you’re carrying over. Most of the bloggers does the same as what you have mentioned. But then I think you have missed some points:

  • Setting up with a Google+ authorship for a blogger is more important.
  • Haven’t you created a sitemap for your blogger? If not, do it now to get your blogs indexed much better.
  • Call to Action could be provided to engage the readers and make it easier for them to catch up with you. Say Join my mail listing, Connect with me @ (social media), Visit my office/shop, etc.

If you are after a free product (without opting for any of the plugins), Blogger will be the best option than Wordpress. But then, even for certain plugins, you’ll have to pay a few to use some extras.

Hope you can try influencing the blogger by contributing a little more.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Check out Attracta for your free site map submission to the search engines. If you are hosting your blog on a true cPanel hosting provider than it should be in your tools area. Good luck with your blogging and just keep creating good high quality custom content for your niche and you will do well.

Thank you for your input, it is very helpful. I have my Google+ account mapped to my blogger blog. Is there anything else you would recommend? How about a facebook fan page?

Appreciate the input. I’m trying Attracta for the first time.

Thanks for the feedback. I found it daunting to get started and making sure that I’m doing the correct tasks in order for SEO. I helps when I get this working to put it into a actionable task list.

Next stop is what social media buttons to make available.

Hope you’d probably be well-versed in Twitter (Tweet chat). Likewise, if you could spend some time for Google plus huddle you’d be supposed to get a few more energizing traffic to your blog. Say you can try promoting your Google+ huddle on your blog posts to engage the interaction between a group of users. This would rather draw some attention to your blog :wink:

Try if you’ve not done this yet.

You can post to pinging sites to give your blog indexed upadtes.Sites are:

That is good idea. In other word, if you think about make money after you have blog/web, don’t think it while writting because it can make you annoy. Happy blogging.