Hello i need good guidance for blogging i want to do blogging for my site explain clearly i am newbie, please share list of blogging sites.

If you are a web designer:

If you are not a web designer:

If you want to make a new free blog then go to



register a blog of yours, set some color, banner, logo, theme and you are done with a blog

Now, If you never done blogging then let me tell you that blogs run best if the content is worth reading, helpful and original (not copied)

Post regularly
Post creatively

if you need more guidance then
follow these blogs

If you are looking for self hosted blog then follow these steps

  1. register a domain (
  2. get a web hosting service (hostgator etc)
  3. go to and download wordpress (
    Need more help?
    please keep asking :slight_smile:

Nice post zazo! We could definitely do with more of that sort of answer around this place.

Thanks HAWK for appreciation. Yes ofcourse we can do it and that’s what sitepoint community is doing since long :slight_smile: