Blogger engines

i am the new beginner of internet marketing i need some blgger hosting sites
like blogspot ,wordpress
i wamt some more list

IMO Wordpress is the only way to go. Self-hosted WP blog that is…I don’t like to leverage my core domains or business model solely on freehosted domains that I don’t own. Another thing I dig about wordpress is you can make it look ‘not’ like a blog and run an entire site with it…very flexible.

Please take note of what zohaib7799 is asking:

The Topic of this thread is other blog hosting sites. Not the merits of Blogger or WordPress.

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But on wordpress one cannot use adsense. People want to have earning from the net using blogs. Blogger have all these facilities.

Blogger and Wordpress are popular blogging sites or you can simply search on google for free blog hosting
joomla and drupal also a good option but may be blogger or WordPress are best for you

Why are you guys suggesting Joomla for a newbie blogger? A friend is using Joomla for a year and yet he switched to Wordpress because there’s too many issues with Joomla and its not user friendly.

  1. drupal
  2. joomla:D:D:D

Netfirms is the best Solution. You have a blog addition where it setups up the blog for you then emails you with the login information in 1 minute. You will have a wordpress blog setup in under a minute after you push the button. They have a Google connected Sitemap submitter for your blog as well.

We can use Joomla also for self hosting.


Self hosted blogs are 95 percent using WP.

You could make use of those that link wheel are using this days…heard of them?

I would like to suggest you just type in Google “Create your own blog”. You will get good blog hosts there.

I like blogspot myself, otherwise you can use typepad too. Or buy a domain and have a blog built on your website.


Here You find the list of Free Blog Hosting Sites.