New marketing techniques

please tell me new strategies to increase my page rank.

There is nothing any strategy about to increase page rank…the only best thing is that to increase your page rank with the help of seo.
few things you can use for increasing page rank are

  1. Bookmarking

You have to do the backlink as much as possible. Try to do it everyday !!
If you have backlink from site which has high PR, your site will receive high score.
Create your blog and write one article to your blog per day,
then do the backlink from your blog to your site. Try to it everyday, too.

I hope there isn’t any new technique that has come up. Instead focusing on the prevailing techniques effectively will bring in a better result. Whatever your marketing deeds are, if you want to be publicized amongst the business markets, you could try these out. This might not be a unique strategy, but still you can make your marketing in a unique way.

You could opt for the usual marketing metrics say:

  1. Your Social media sites - With which you could develop a professional outlook for your business and get connected to several other business people those who are found to be similar with your work nature.
  2. Social Networking Platform - This platform might be same as the #1 hearing its name. But still it has its own criteria in managing and getting the profiles yet more professionalized.
  3. Also, you can try with other marketing campaigns say paid options like Adwords, Banner Ads, and so.
    If you are not considered in spending pennies, then you can try with this paid campaigns. You will have the possibility in getting socialized much better.

Try to market in an organic way that focuses the targeted customers in a quicker and in an easiest way!

generally we always use link building strategies which include, link submissions to other sites. the link coming from the sites should be of high pr, then your website get the pr juice.

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