What is the easiest way of increasing page rank

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In website development, page rank of a website have a great role, people took many efforts to increase that but what is the finest and fastest way of increasing page rank ???. any body please suggest…

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Increase the quality and quantity of backlinks for increase page rank. Do off page activities (blog posting, article submission, forum posting, etc) that helps to increase your page rank and improve serp.

Page rank is important in a sense, but google has stated that it is only one of 200+ factors in determining site position. You need to just build a lot of backlinks and never stop.

Yes, the fastest way to improve page rank of a website is creating thematic backlinks.
Do only organic things for optimizing your website don’t use any blackhat seo techniques.

Yes you have do the onpage of your site and do the 3 way quality link buiding more and more.

No matter which kind of link building tactics you have applied on your web sites and where are links coming from for increasing PR only.
PR is only can improves with back links only.

If you really wnat to increase you PR then you have to take care about structure of the site such as navigation of the pages etc… then you need to do a proper research on your site conntent, try to put the origional content and last one is the optimization of your site, how you have done the onpage of your site…these are the major factors which you have to to care in order to increase the page rank of your site.

Here are nine ways to improve the SEO strength of every website you design.

  1. Add a blog.
  2. Add Google Analytics to each page.
  3. Reduce code bloat.
  4. Make each page unique.
  5. Use meta description tags.
  6. Remove repetitive wording from the website layout.
  7. Add footer links to every page.
  8. Create a separate web page for each keyword or keyword phrase.
  9. Use keyword rich title tags on each page.

thanks ralph,
yes i did that also, but except off page seo methods i dont find something new, for which i am looking for…

PageRank is highly over rated. There is a lot of info online about this. Did you Google the topic?

there is no fast way and easy way to get your PR increased.
patience and effort should always be done.
backlinking is just the start, but you also have to consider making sure the content on your website are unique.
those are things that makes a website known and increase its exposure because of the originality that the website offers.

if you are after creating money blogs then try googling for increasing backlinks the not so good ways. :eye:

or if you are after increasing your blog in for a long term in a good and quality way then you have to go into sites where experts talk without dirt included. :lol:


acquire quality related backlinks :wink:

The quickest way to increase PR is to generate millions of junk links to the page from everywhere you can. That is the quickest way of improving PR. Of course that does nothing whatever in getting better placement of the page in the search results.

PR is better looked at as an indicator of how successful your other SEO efforts are since if you get your page higher in the results you should get people adding useful links to your page that provide a far higher PR.

PR is just about the least important factor that Google uses in determining where to place pages in the search results.

Yeah I agree, pagerank is just a factor one of the 200+ factors. I would much more be interested in the ranking of the SERPs of the targeted niche. Because that’s is where SEO is about isn’t it?

The on page much be strong by unique content with good meta tags. then put your site whose has greater pr and nice crawling rate. it increase your site crawling also Google will crawl your site frequently which will help you boost your keyword.

Try these it will help you

1)Update your website every day by adding more unique content.
2)Provide inside linking to your website.
3)Create sitemap for your website (XML based for Google and text based for yahoo) then submit sitemap to Google and submit sitemap to Yahoo.
4)Trade your link with other web owners.

having a page rank is a plus factor…some people look at it as the basis how your site doing over the internet

pagerank is important …
because it does make your page look better …

especially for advertiser :smiley:

For improving the PR you have build back links. there are many ways to create back links.
article submission
pr submission
and many more…