How to improve the Page Rank?

We launched our website last year and worked a variety of techniques to improve the search engine optimization techniques but the page rank has not improved yet.

Any good suggestions to improve the page rank?



As has been mentioned, this topic is covered in the Sticky and has been thoroughly discussed in other threads.

Please read the Stickies and try both the vBulletin Search and the [URL=“”]SitePoint Search

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For specifically Page Rank improvement you have to increase the numbers of your webpages and try to get backlinks from High PR site.

First, I’d advise you to read the Google Sticky thread, which has masses of information about how Google works, how Page Rank works, and what you can to do improve your rankings.

Second, don’t worry about Page Rank. The published figures you see for it are always way out of date - Google will be using the latest figures in their own ranking algorithm but they don’t publish them. So it could well be that your Page Rank is going up but you don’t know about it yet.

But who cares about Page Rank? What matters is how your site ranks on key search queries. You can get to the top spot with PR0, you could be languishing down on page 10 with PR6 … PR is only one factor in where your site/page appears in the search results, and that is the only metric that matters.

The ONLY way to increase page rank is to increase your back link count and quality. Get more quality links and watch it rise (on a logarithmical scale of course)…