How can we increase Google Page Rank?


First of all, STOP YELLING AT US :wink:

Second of all, are you looking to just up your page rank? If so, I wouldn’t worry too much about it because it is a VERY small portion of the formula that Google uses anymore, and the juice you get from upping your page rank will probably not be worth the effort. PR is used more in click based advertising, but even that doesn’t get you a huge return unless you get a LOT of clicks.

Concentrate on improving your site content and marketing your site within appropriate venues. Those will get you the returns you desire, improved search engine results, better stickiness (how much your users actually stay and use your site), etc.

Try to build quality back links through article submission,manual bookmarking submission,manual directory submission etc… and build traffic to your website through guest post regularly with fresh and unique content.Forum posting will help you to gain both traffic and back link to your site.Automatically both traffic and back link will increase your sites page rank.

Page Rank is not a worthy thing that you need to rank up because Google doesn’t care that anymore. The most important thing nowadays are setting up your long tail or phrase keywords in order to deal with hummingbird. And of course, always update with quality content and original articles.

Collect more quality backlinks for your website. Post article submission, press release, blog posting and commenting etc. Increase your site traffic and CTR. For that write unique and informative content. Google will increase your website’s PR.

So you get PR from other sites, but how did that work in the very beginning, when there were no PR? :o

First forget on google page rang, you cant increase PR by night, rather do backlinks, write articles and post it on article site, write blog…

With the help of submissions and the bookmarking we can built quality links. In opposite we get quality back links also in which we can increase google page rank. We have to use quality content, proper keyword analysis for our site. While designing our site we must keep in the mind we follow the rules and strategies of white hat.

Try to get the backlinks from the good authority websites and which have good page rank. But increase in backlink may or may not improve traffic to your website and complete your website goal so try to concentrate more on traffic which may help a lot as compared to increase PR. I can give you an example see the alexa and PR of this blog <snip>.

PR is not important now, If you want to increase PR for your site, you should put your link on hight PR website


Please tell us why do you want to increase your page rank ? What are the purposes behind this desire :slight_smile:

According to that we will guide you in right way.

To increase PR - get links from higher pr website with low OBL (That’s the way it was working in those old days - aha !! missing those days )

Google stopped updating its page rank and it is been more than 7 months since the last update. Instead of focusing of useless outdated metric like the Google’s page rank, why don’t you invest time in building your authority online?

Your page rank get automatically increased when many visitors and coming to your website and you’re receiving natural backlinks on daily basis.

In short, focus on your content and the rest will follow!

All the Best!

I think that you should submit more blogs and articles and also try to do more forum posting. Don’t do spamming on any forum. With that you should try to do social bookmarking and networking also.

Here are several of the tips you can use to increase real traffic for your site, but not Page rank.
You should develop unique and useful content for one site and bring up to date it regularly.
Optimize your site according to most recent Google’s updates.

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