How do I get phpmyadmin for localhost testing?

I followed the steps in the 4th edition of the “Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site” book but there was nothing in there about setting up phpmyadmin. I am running windows xp. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get phpmyadmin set up? Thanks.

Are you using WAMP or have you installed PHP, MySQL and Apache separately?

phpmyadmin is a php application, so you need a php-enabled web server with whatever necessary php extensions required by phpmyadmin. Then you need the mysql port open from the web server to your mysql server.

phpmyadmin doesn’t have to be running on the same computer that you’re using or the same computer that’s running mysql. I have a local web server, and I’ve cofigured phpmyadmin on it to connect to about 10 different mysql servers including my remote hosted mysql db’s.

Just do this start xammp then click apache and mysql; they will be now read as stop click next button read admin that will take you to the phpmyadmin. In the phpmyadmin locate tool and you will see phpmyadmin.