[Solved] Do I have to install MyPhp on local machine?

Hello, I realize that this may come cross as a very elementary question but I am just starting web development.

I am using a shared server (Arvixe) to host a website, while using Sublime Text on my mac to edit the page source code. I am at the point where a MySql database is needed. Arvixe has phpMyAdmin, and I am wondering if I want to create a local server that mirrors the remote server, do I have to install phpMyAdmin on my mac, or can I just use Arvixe’s database?

I was able to add my access to remote mysql, and then connect to remote Sql server. Problem solved

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Answering your question, you had phpMyAdmin already install so very likely you don’t have to intall PHP and, very likely, you had MySQL or other database too.

Depending on your configuration and where you work, many of us have a local testing unit and we only deploy when everything will work.

The reasons are various which includes a firewall or proxy that limits connections or data for security reasons, speed for testing, adding fake information that we don’t want in the production database, etc.

But if you’re just querying the database with SELECTS and you have the chance to do so in the production database, it’s fine.

Good design mentality molona! I am trying to make some progress on this website to show capability, but definitely will switch to a local database later on.

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