Need HElp with SEO Hosting


I am in a serious dilemma, I need to choose an SEO Hosting service that has at least 40 IPs in its base package. So far I have found only Page1Hosting and The SEO Host. Can anyone here recommend for me a better seo hosting option. If I don’t find anything better than these, I will have to opt for them as last resort. If someone can review these services for me, I’d be happy. Thanks.

ServerPoint, how can you even say that. I am hosting on over 50 unique class c ip ranges on one control panel at You may want to look it up before you claim someone is lying. A hosting company like seowh has to make the commitment to offer seo hosting compared to the typical hosting company with a flat ip network.

Plus how could it be cheaper/eaier to go with multiple hosts. You ever think about having to log in to 40 different control panels…not fun. 40 different support departments…even more fun.

I have personally used a few different companies but the two that have worked best for me were webfullcirlce and Dhanashree Web Design.

I agree with ldcdc and I doubt you can fool the search engines with what you are wanting to do.

I am doing SEO for couple of business personally and I can confirm you that there are 99% other factors for good visibility rather than looking for SEO host … trust me it’s not worth it!!

There is no such thing as SEO Hosting (as a product). What you’re after (at the low end) is a shared hosting account with a lot of addon domains.

What he wants and is often marketed as “SEO hosting” is shared/reseller hosting with lots of dedicated IPs included in the package or payable as an addon, preferably in different “C class” blocks, and with little or no issuing requirements (most hosts won’t give you a dedicated IP unless you need it to install SSL certificates).

As for the effectiveness of this, I would doubt that you can actually fool a search engine determined to establish fake/unnatural interlinking patterns.

Web hosts with 40 different IPs do not exist at all. I believe that is cheaper to get 40 companies with one IP. Have you thought about that?


There is no such thing as SEO Hosting (as a product). What you’re after (at the low end) is a shared hosting account with a lot of addon domains. If you can’t find one that suits you, look at reseller accounts. They typically have “unlimited whatever” but are merely larger shared accounts. If you want your own server, look to VPS as an entry (you’re not large enough for that yet) before looking at dedicated servers.

In other words, please read the sticky threads. They’re there to help you with answers to all your questions (rather than wait for someone to respond - and not know how valid the responses will be).



I felt the need to post a reply to your question about seo hosting. I think SEO hosting/multiple ip hosting is good for website owners with multiple sites currently being hosted on the same server or on the same ip. Like with my set up, I have multiple sites in the same niche. Even though I don’t link them together in any way to try to fool the engines, I use multiple ip hosting to separate the different sites so google sees them as individual sites and not possibly owned by the same person. All sites are built with good content, good onsite seo, natural link building etc. The only difference is that since I put the sites on different class c ips at different locations, the sites are now all ranking on the front page of google whereas before they did not.

Plus I know SEO Hosting is good for geo type search results. Example, if you are trying to rank for a term in New York, you will have a better chance of coming up in the results for New York if you are hosted there. Same thing goes for different countries. If you are targeting UK traffic, you better be hosted in the UK.

The only company I knew to go with was a group I hosted with since 2001. They started in 2006 and have been going strong ever since. To be honest, I did look around a little when I started thinking about this and only came across a few hosts that even offer this this type of service. The main company that I see people pushing was hostgator which I found out is just a reseller of the planet. When you did a little deeper with these different hosts, they end up being resellers with only one location available. The other big thing I noticed is that most companies offer shared ips and not dedicated ips. I know I have no desire to share ips with other webmasters from around the globe doing who knows what. The guys at seowh don’t tolerate any spamming or any funny business on their network so you can sleep calmly at night knowing your business is not in jeopardy in any way. Their support is 24/7 with all English speaking / US based support. They also have a couple kick ass sys admins over there in case you run into any serious growth or infrastructure challenges.

The last I heard they had 8 locations in the US and like 8 or so in Europe. So if you are looking for seo hosting, or just want to have a solid foundation for your multiple sites, then go with these guys at

They will set up, configure, load software (wprobot, wordpress etc) and migrate all your data for free, set up your dns ( I have one for each domain) and manage everything on a monthly basis. Anything I need done, I simply send them an email and its done.

Good luck and I hope this helps

It will be cheaper and more reliable if you buy shared hosting accounts from many hosting providers.

if you go for a vps, make sure that you are with a reliable provider. Otherwise, All your sites will be down, if the the vps/node goes down.