Best VPS host for multiple ip's?

Does anyone have any good VPS hosting services which you can get multiple c-class ip addresses on?

I have a bunch of sites that I’d like to host on different ip addresses in order to utilize their linking power a bit better (they’re currently all on a shared server) and to isolate them from each other in case Google decides something’s suspicious.

Most of the “SEO hosts” seem a little too fly by night and I definitely don’t want to do shared hosting with them in case other sites on the servers get flagged.

Hostgator definitely seems reliable. My sites are mainly all wordpress based, not graphic intensive, and there’s about a dozen of them with 50 or so visits a day on average.

I know nothing about servers, but hostgator offers various levels with level 1 being 0.56 ghz cpu and 384 mb ram, level 2 0.84ghz 576 ram, etc.
what do you think I would need to host 10 sites on 5 different ip addresses on it? is there any other hosting option you’d recommend?


just spoke with hostgator and what I didn’t know was that the VPS hosting has ip’s all on the same c-class subnet which I don’t want.

For the which they also own, it’s on different c-class subnets but it’s shared hosting and the servers are only for seo hosting so I’m worried that other sites could get flagged and mess things up for other sites on the server.

Probably just going to setup multiple hosting accounts around…

Think hostgator isn’t good for your needs, use multiple accounts from the other companies.

Yea I’m going to do that thanks Serdjio.

It’ll end up being a lot cheaper too if I do shared hosting with other places since i’m using sites like and where if you register a domain with them it’s free hosting. Then there’s the added benefit of using multiple registrars as well.

Do you know of any other good ones? I’d prefer ones with an sql database for wordpress

Try with Knownhost.

You can see