SEO Hosting a good Option?


I am in a serious dilemma, I need to choose an SEO Hosting service that has at least 40 IPs in its base package. So far I have found only Page1Hosting and The SEO Host. Can anyone here recommend for me a better seo hosting option. If I don’t find anything better than these, I will have to opt for them as last resort. If someone can review these services for me, I’d be happy. Thanks.


Its been a little less than a month since I have got on with SEOHost and yeah they are working. IX didnt have what I wanted and it can be a pain. But I dont know why people are saying that i need to spread it out? I got 20 now and i plan on adding 20 more. Will it be a problem? the IP ranges seen perfect although they seem to be coming from different geo locations.

Hi Debbie I,

Can you please tell me do the cross-linking from different IP addresses work for you just because of the different IPs. My experience shows that the contextual linking works much better.

I have never seen hosting service which provide 40 C class different IPs. But at the same time I’m sure if you buy 40 accounts around the world that would be a bit more expensive only.

I do not think you can get that many different IP’s under a single account. You will need to spread out the hosting across different companies and geographical locations.

Google can easily work out if they are related still, they’ll know if they are with the same hosting company

They don’t even need to work out if they’re defintely related. All they need to establish is a linking pattern that is significantly off from natural, and a strong likelihood of being related. That could be enough to trigger “corrective” measures, if not penalties. It’s not like Google is a court of justice, where you’re innocent until proven guilty. What they really care about is the end result: good search engine results.

Fairly pointless IMHO, as I’ve said many a time - Google can easily work out if they are related still, they’ll know if they are with the same hosting company, just the same as if they were all on 1 IP address. It just wastes a finite resource.

I have seen which is sister company of hostgator has 5-6 IPS only.
I believe such web hosts do not exists so far.

The most I’ve seen is 15 IPs with IXwebhosting. I don’t see why you couldn’t buy several of those.

Sadly, their server had been rather slow in my experience.