Does SEO Webhosting really make a difference?

Getting different Class C IPs like:

Does it really help?

Some times it help

Yes it always work but all depends on your SEO work.

In SEO host server plays important role to promote sites because of target country.

More often than not, the location (in terms of hosting) of your website plays a significant role in search rankings. Before any SEO work, you should work with a reliable hosting company that suits the type of website that you own.

did not heard about this before. can some one explain more about seo-hosting what its is and how it work?

The ip of your hosting shouldn;t matter- go to google webmaster tools and change the country for your website to alert google where it is :slight_smile:

If you want to build up a network of sites and not have them all from the same ip then what these people are offering would be a solution I guess. As far as the best way to build a network of sites that would require more investigation

@Bayliss Trevor are you talking about a network of websites to make 3,4way links?

Getting higher rankings using different Class C IPs is possible but it takes time and effort. You have to create and host content on all IPs, link them to your website and then promote those sites along with your website… ultimately it will become a link wheel

If they provide SEO friendly website development with their hosting package.

Wow thanks for sharing. I never knew about that website of Host Gator’s, that is ingenious. Having a dedicated IP address and websites on its own C-Class DOES help. Matt Cutts kind of drew a line down the middle on his blog in a video he made like two years ago, but in my experiences it has helped me tremendously. In comparison, my trial websites that shared the same C-Block IPs did NOT rank well and did not generate any organic traffic compared to the ones I used dedicated C-Blocks for.

Yes I am talking abouit three way linking and the concept of sacrificial sites where you “sacrifice” the pr of one site to give to another. It is all very advanced stuff and I am still working out the best solution!

I know the basics of SEO, I’ve gotten rankings for several top keywords.

I’m just worried if I have 20 websites on the same webhosts all ranking top, Google might start adding penalties.

Being on a server that was physically located in a different area used to help because Google would assume that the two were owned separately, but don’t forget that search engines can read the WHOIS database too.

the host gator kind of web hosting companies are offering seo web hosting . I have tied for few of my clients but i am sorry it has not helped .

SEO hosting is not about helping the sites hosted on those servers getting better search engine results. The reason it is SEO hosting is because of the multiple c-class IP’s you can get. This means that you can host multiple sites on one account and on different c-class IP’s. In other words, if you want your sites to appear as though they are on different servers, then this is the way to go.

I recommend reading on how building a network for SEO purposes can be helpful to completely understand it.

If you are hosting a singe website, then Hostgator or any old shared hosting account will be as good for hosting as SEO hosting would be.

yes it does matter. In SEO even your targeted domain matter, it means if you check the keyword ranking on it would be different and if you check it on it would be different if you are working on Uk based site. So these things matter.

I agree with this one. It all depends on how well you work with your seo.