Best SEO Hosting?

I’m currently using HostGator’s SEO Hosting and paying a lot for it at like $35 for 5 C-Class IPs. I know there are better deals out there but most of the companies I have never heard of, anyone have a recommendation for a good SEO host?

So since hosting your properties on multiple C-class IP’s is a “myth” than there should be no problem linking all my 100 websites on the same IP address to one another to get more backlinks right?

somehow I dont think so…

What would you describe as “SEO Host”? If you are basically looking for dedicated IPs only, you should know there are some good companies that offer dedicated IPs for only $2 per IP

I suppose that would be more reasonable to have 10 web hosting companies around the woprld and pay them for $3-4 per month and have more IPSs for the own network of web sites

Exactly. So you don’t depend on single hosting provider only. However, if you prefer using the same provider for all websites (it makes no wonder if hosting company offers really good service/support/value for money) you may want to make sure all sites are hosted on different servers.

If all the servers are on the same network, google will still know, so you’re not going to gain anything. If you really must try and manipulate google then you’re far better off using different hosts on different networks.

Well, Google was not the main point of my previous post. I mean uptime and stability. If your sites are hosted on different servers, you will have less problems when one of servers goes down (outage, scheduled maintenance, attack, etc.)

Seohosting have 5 IPs as fat as I know and that is $35 per month
If you have 7 accounts with different webhosting companies you will have profit

i’m still confused on what SEO hosting means?!

It is somewhat like egg cars only different.

Good description!

It’s like fish without a bicycle!

Who’s going to fall for marketing nonsense like that?



Nothing. Such a thing doesn’t exist if you ask for my opinion. It’s just another market terminology for persons some kind of persons.

some company provide ip address and domain name which are helpful to seo by this host can control all the ip addresses by single account control panel

The companies that provide the first of those are web hosting services, those that provide the second are domain registrars.

I’m 100% sure that all companies can offer this type of hosting.

Yes, these days SEO is a hot topic…LOL

How does having a dedicated IP affect search engine ranking and page ranking?

Matt Cutts, Google software engineer, says it doesn’t affect ranking at all:

I suggest you check they pagerank before at google search. If they have high pagerank. i think they have best service too

That has nothing to do with it. High Page Rank affects nothing other than the price of blerts in Brognovia. Any junk page can get high PR if they pay enough for their blerts.

I’m confused, is this like flower garden motorcycles or punch bowl horses?