Need Help about Social Media Marketing

My question is how many social media channels and which is the best for branding.?? and our target market is UK

You need to give us more information if you want any useful replies. The answer will depend on which country or countries you’re targeting, your business niche, your target audience…


Generally speaking, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus are the major channels, but there are others that depends on your details as TechnoBear already clarified.

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@Nesight @TechnoBear thanks for the reply. Would you tell me please what the budget is play a role in this marketing…??

Facebook, twitter , flicker , linkedin and google + is the best way for SMM

Generally facebook, linkedin

How can anybody answer that with no information about your business, the scope of your campaign, or anything else?

To all posters: please do not simply list social sites and say “these are best”. Please explain why you have suggested a particular site, and in what circumstances you would recommend it: which target audience, business niche, geographical location, etc.

Posts with simple lists or insufficient detail will be removed as fluff.

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that would depend on your niche… where does your target spend their time… if your business is about services then… facebook would be the best… because you get to explain… on your page… in groups…among friends… if its about buy and sell then twitter is better… explain in100 characters…why buy or sell…google plus i have only used for 500 words blogs…

The budget can be any amount of money from few bucks to thousands. Depends largely on what you aim to achieve. For instance, you can start on Facebook for as little as $1 per day.

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But My question is which media is best for business branding and why…?

i am 100% agree with you. which social media channel is best and why ?

Perhaps if you were to provide a bit more information yourself, @DegiXpert, as already requested, you might get more meaningful replies.

As I mentioned before, the answer will depend on many things, from your business niche and location to the age and location of your target audience.

Well, so far going by the information you’ve given i.e. the target market is the UK

The obvious best would be a UK specific social media site

Going by your other topic

The obvious best would be a greater London specific social media site

The problem I have with this is that I find this all depends on your niche. For instance, if you’re a Google Go expert, you obviously wouldn’t take advantage of the pinterest or instagram social media network. But you might if you were a website designer with visually great sites to share.

The other issue is there are many “biggie” social media sites, but trying to do them all with the same amount of effort is a time sink. Pick the most pertinent sites to your niche and your style and focus on those sites. Have accounts on the others and use them if you need a social media blast.

But like others have mentioned here, there’s not a lot of information forthcoming.

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It totally depends on what is your niche and business. We need to know where your targeted customers spends most of the time in. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn are the popular ones when it comes to social media marketing. Research where your targeted customers are majorly found in and you can start your campaign :slight_smile:

@blogspace my business is transport and my target audience is london and Uk base.

That’s a very broad description. What kind of transport? Taxi or chauffeur services? Car hire? Van hire? Courier services? Are you covering just London, or the whole of the UK?

my company business is London taxi company and we are providing taxi rent a car services in London

Usually facebook, linkedin, google+, twitter, pinterst are widely used.
I use FB more to branding our business. Each social media having its own style and format.
You have to use the social media according to their trend.
then only we can reach the target.