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What are the Social Media channels you have used for marketing?

There are several social media network are available for marketing. What kind of marketing you want to do, that matter. Social Media platforms help you to do best marketing, but you need to appear over social sites according to relevancy of motive of marketing, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter … these have different way of marketing. You should understand the marketing strategies of these sites, instead of finding list of social media channels.

I mostly depends on social media website for marketing about my websites or blog. You should try for it like- FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, G+.

To all posters:

Rather than simply listing social media networks, please take time to say a little about them. Which ones worked better for you? Which ones gave no results? Who is your target audience, and what niche is your site in?

Posts which simply list social media sites will be removed as fluff.

I use twitter and Facebook mostly to promote my Blogs and Articles. It totally depends on the market that want to target. Find your niche market on suitable social media and start getting hits from there.

Generally one must follow like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc it does’nt matter at all. Because following of social networks depends on the niche of our marketing. If we are on tech business then apart from common social networks like facebook, twiiter, linkedin we should have to concentrate on following the niche related social networks like behance, dribble, tumbler, stumble upon etc also.

You could check all the PR of the social media site you have in mind (or you can search). In that way, you could determine which best for attracting traffics. Facebook and twitter will do but you could search for more social media sites on google.

Sorry, but that’s nonsense. Google has long since ceased to publish regular public updates on PR, so you can’t find up-to-date, reliable information.

Even if you could find the information, PR is calculated per page, not per site, and may vary considerably even within a site.


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