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I am running a transport business in London, UK, I was getting services to local companies in London, but I am not satisfied with their work, my question is that who can I increase my website traffic and business.

What have you done so far?

I do not know about online marketing, my company was working which I was hired for this work

It depends what you’re after. There are so many companies out there that offer SEO, social media and many other forms of online presence boosting.

Let us know more specifically what you’re after.

You should go for SEO services for your website. This thing will increase your website visits. And also start SMO too. SMO will increase your online presence.

@aanyadsouza I think that’s what the OP is saying they tried (and still want).

@DegiXpert what brief did you give the company you hired? In what way did they fail? There are so many self-styled SEO “experts” out there many of them promising results they cannot possibly deliver and/or using out-of-date or dodgy tactics.

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@Gandalf Thanks for the reply because my requirement is business and traffic, but my website traffic is still low.

@Gandalf yeah…

So, to return to questions which others have asked but you seem to have missed, what remit did you give to the company you hired to do this work? Did you ask them to carry out specific tasks, or simply to increase traffic and conversions (without specifying how)?

What work did they actually do? Which (if any) of these tasks produced good results?


and to add to @TechnoBear’s questions, what have you done offline to promote your website? Is it plastered all over your vans/bikes or whatever transport you use, invoices, business cards, posters, etc?

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i do not know what they was done.

Do you understand why we’re having such difficulty in offering any assistance, @DegiXpert?

You said in your first post

but now you’re saying

How can you not be satisfied with their work if you know nothing about it?

More to the point, how can we offer advice when we have no idea about what tasks they were asked to do, what they actually did, or what (if any) results there were?

It may be that this company did their best within their remit, and that there are other factors contributing to your lack of traffic and business. Without more detailed information from you, we can only go round in circles, offering vague, general suggestions.

In the absence of any details, the best I can suggest is a couple of articles, which will give you basic advice and point you to resources where you can learn more.

If you haven’t already read it, then start with Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”.

Then try these:


@TechnoBear I have still low traffic on my site previous 4 months and I have to pay 1500$ to the previous company but no get business.

Before you pay them anything, you should insist on a full report showing what they did. Why would you pay them anything when there are no results and you have no idea wht work (if any) they carried out?

Also, (and this is just a personal opinion), if you’re paying them in dollars, they’re clearly not a UK business. You might get betters results in future employing a more local company, who will have a better knowledge of both your geographical target, and your target audience.

Edit: I see from your other thread that your target audience is basically just London. You should therefore take a look at the advice for local businesses which Google provides:

You might want to look into outsourcing this as if you don’t have the time to learn the skills then people on sites like Freelancer or others are able to help for a fee you choose. These guys use methods like using a VPN to create numerous accounts on Facebook and others to market your business through Facebook ad’s or even do local marketing and target local business

The OP already has outsourced it, at great expense, without results.
Do you think they want to make the same mistake again?

I’ve never understood why people think that having multiple fake accounts will help them in any way. Clearly, though, there are people misguided enough to do it, because we have a lot of banned accounts here from folk who thought they could promote a site this way.

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Thread closed, as the OP is no longer with us.