Advice Needed

I have a client that wants to have a social presence to boost sales of a new product they are coming out with aimed at the outdoors crowd.

Unfortunately, all of their funds went into coming up with the product (a good one I think) so they only have a budget of a few hundred a month to get them started.

I haven’t dabbled in social and don’t feel qualified to advise them of the best way to go with what they have.

I’m looking for suggestions on where they should go with their restricted budget.

(Stop laughing - I didn’t mean it that way…)

Thanks for any advice/help you care to offer.

Technically, social networking accounts are free.

It only costs money if they want to purchase ads on said social networks.

I think according to the type of product your client is about to sale you have to judge the targetted audience; after that you can choose the best set of social sites through which your client should promote themselves as well as their product / s to create a good social presence and generate maximum profit.
As the client’s budget is limited, so I think you will not prefer to target all the social networking sites. Hence my suggestion will be good in business for both your client as well as your’s .

Accounts in social networks mostly are free. But it costs time and money making tnem popular. Also LinkedIn is literally obcessed with monetization these days.

Consider managing a FB Sweepstake or a contest. There are a lot of platforms that allow easy creation of FB apps. You can invest that money in prizes. You will get a lot of followers, which you can later target. That’s what I would do.

Advise them to create a FB fanpage and put some money in FB ads so they can get some fans fast. If the product is B2B - get them to make LinkedIn profile :slight_smile:

Increase you social media fan page afterall you can get natural backlinks through social sites all for free.

Facebook it’s an right option for there product promotion if you are not interest to spend more make sure to start with small budget campaign it’s can give clear idea to proceed further if you get good result client will be happy to spend more

Social networking accounts are free…You can also make fan pages for free, Only the promotion will costs some money…