My PR becomes 0 From N/A, What's the different?

I build a link directory for one months, today i found that my pr became 0. What’s the different? Is it PR update?

I don’t think they had a PR update last June. The last I know is March.

le sigh - so much guessing and misinformation…

Yes, the Toolbar value of the home PAGE of your site has had it’s PR value recalculated. The Toolbar PageRank value is being updated with more frequent regularity recently, 4-5 times in the last 3 months, when it used to be an almost quarterly affair.

Google “updates” every day, sometimes more than once a day. The Toolbar PageRank value for a page is ‘pushed’ or updated much less frequently.

N/A = Not Assessed: Google doesn’t know about your site, or knows about it but hasn’t assessed or found any backlinks.
0 = Aware of, and with at least 1 backlink from a page that has more than a PageRank of 1.
1-10 = Logarithmic scale based on the number and quality of backlinks to that page, dampened by a whole bunch of mathematical and statistical factors.

The ‘link:’ operator is not an exact reflection of what Google has in it’s index.

The backlinks might not be of any value. At this low level, your site and it’s backlinks may be below the search threshold in terms of value. Google’s WebMaster Tools is the best way to get better insight.

They’ve had three in June/July period - that we know of…

I think N/A is belo 0, Mean site is null value. Now it got some back links so its PR increase to 0.

Yeah think of it as your noticed but your popularity level is still low

I think that when your site has no inbound link its stay as n/a and after few backlinks its convert into 0 or higher. Its what I think.

Unless you’re building a directory where the pagerank will have a direct effect on the revenue generated like the OP is.

Don’t worry about it. Pagerank is completely unimportant - what matters is where your site appears in the search results, and pagerank is only a tiny part of that. And don’t forget that what Google publishes as pagerank information is well out-of-date whereas what they are using themselves is continually updated.

try check you back links there, build better quality back links.

I can also find backlinks by searching “link:mydomain”, becanse of being assessed? Before, I can not.

I have another site with PR 0 for a time, can not find backlinks by searching. Both in my google account have few backlinks, Why???

N/A means your site has not been assessed yet but the 0 means it has. It takes time to get a pr every 3 months Google updates.

as far as i know N/A is equivalent as null value… since 0 is still a value…