What’s the difference between PageRank and ToolBar PageRank?

Hi All the forum members! I am here to share a question and hope you all guys are gonna help me! My question is What’s the difference between PageRank and ToolBar PageRank?

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TBPR is shown in browsers header and it shows the PR in points 1 to 10.

PR is the original PR provided by Google which has Floating Point Values.

For example 0 PR means value between 0.0 to 0.4 and when it reaches to point 0.5 then TBPR shows 1PR of the page but actually it is 0.5.

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PR – Page rank

Google’s page rank, also known as link juice is the culmination of backlinks to a site. Over time the amount of page rank you have, grows, or subsequently falls due to various reasons.

TBPR – Toolbar page rank

This is the page rank displayed on your google toolbar. It is generally update by google once every 4 months. Its value is vague and often irrelevant.

The toolbar Page Rank is a number between 0 and 10 with no decimal places.

The real Page Rank is a number of no fixed size that represents the number and value of incoming links to a page.

In converting from the real PR to the toolbar PR they look at what the real PR for all sites were several months ago and convert those values down on a logarithmic scale. The real PR of the most popular site will affect the toolbar PR assigned to every other site.

Whatever meaning that real PR might have has been effectively removed in converting it to toolbar PR (unless you are trying to compare your growth of incoming links to that of the site with the most valuable incoming links using a logarithmic scale with only 10 values).

Says it was last updated during the first week in April this year.

Is it not a long time since the toolbar page rank was updated last time?

They are both useless if you seek new clients, higher serps and higher conversion numbers. :slight_smile:

You’re totally off regarding PageRank, you might confuse it with Search Engine Position Ranking, i.e. the position of any link within the Search Engine Result Pages for any given keyword/phrase.

May I suggest you read the important topics in this Search Engine Optimization subforum of Sitepoint, particularly the FAQ on Google and Search Engine Optimization.

I knew about page rank. Google periodically changes a website’s rank depending on various factors like content, loading time etc. But I have no idea on toolbar page rank. What exactly is that?

I guess, when somebody makes the distinction between PageRank and Toolbar PageRank, then he/she is talking about the internal value of PageRank compared to the public value of PageRank. The former includes decimals while the latter only displays whole numbers. Also, the latter is only updated about four times a year and thus often displays out-of-date values.