PagerRank Update 1/20/2010

So clearly there was a net wide update to pagerank today in what is showing in the google toolbar. This is really just an update to what google is choosing to show people, but pagerank is always being updates daily. They just don’t show you in the toolbar. I am finding mostly this update affected homepages, but not so much internal pages.

Yeah, mine dropped fro 4 to 0. Drat. Serves me right for not posting for a while, I suppose.

There is no PR update so for past 6 months. All webmasters are waiting to see the major update soon.

If PR drops means check your latest backlinks and latest content in the website.

My PR is also dropped from 5 to 4. What new factors considering Google for Page Rank? Any body have any idea?

Is google has updated PR for 2011?

Same like u, I have 3 blog of PR 4 dropped to 0 and any else of PR 3 dropped too… :slight_smile:

Other blog with ‘hello’ posting, no content, rise to PR 3… :wink: mistery of PR but I still luv Mr. G, always… :wink:

staceymattew seemed right. All the our 3 websites did not change in PR.

Google is updating PR constantly (many times every minute). It is only the display value that is only updated every few months. All the SEO calculations Google does are based on the current internal value and not on the display value and so how long it is between updates of the display value is meaningless.

Also since the display value is a single digit number converted from the internal value on a logarithmic scale based on setting the highest PR on the web to 10 your internal PR may have gone up and your display PR can go down simply because your PR didn’t grow as fast in proportion to the site with the highest PR.

I noticed the PR update on the second week of January because my PR 0 blogs now it’s PR1. Yesterday the site I’m working with is now PR4 from PR3

Can someone prove it’s been update anywhere. Last time I checked it hadn’t.

I agree with you said as above, only Google knows the actual page rank of a site.

Yes I have also seen many updates on my sites. For my some sites it was good for some sites it was bad.