May 2010 Photo Showcase: Motion

For this month we thought it would be nice to practice a little alliteration.

For the Month of May; MOTION.
Test that “Burst Mode” on your new DSLR. Make those shutters ‘click’ wildly.

And, apparently, the woman in the middle is a VERY S-L-O-W reader!

{Great effect, BTW}

I thought this might be fun one:

From a Western Hockey League game a couple years ago … Seattle Thunderbirds VS Portland Winterhawks.

After an hour or so work - my hand and wrist hurts now !

There was not really enough light to get a fast enough shutter speed; my first try at this effect.

Outstanding results, Rubble!

Great job embracing the Topic, Warp!

Outstanding results, Rubble!

Thanks ParkinT; I have just noticed part of a foot missing :rolleyes:

I thought the topic this month was going to be " late again " :smiley:


Long shuttertime at daytime :slight_smile: