Photography - your first break?

Hey guys! This is Nicole here! :slight_smile: I am fairly new to the forum and I was wondering what kind of question to ask you guys, when I was hit with this idea!

If you are a photographer, which project was your first major break? You know, the task that gave you a definite direction and taught you a lot.

As for me, it was photographing for a sports site, It was a fun project, taking pictures of those players!

Now, what about you? I am looking forward to hear your response! :slight_smile:

Have a good day. Cheers!

Hi @NicoleBach and welcome to the forums.

It’s a shame they only seem to have used one picture on that site. Do you have a couple of others you could share with us here? I’m always impressed by folk who can take good pictures of sporting action. I do quite a bit of (amateur) photography at running events - anything from 5K “fun runs” to a full Marathon - and it isn’t always easy to capture the moment well.

Thank you for the warm welcome! :slight_smile:

I am afraid there is the only picture they have used. :slight_smile:

However, I am working on many new projects now, so am excited for it!

And how about you ? What’s your story? :slight_smile:

Yes - I was wondering if you had any others you could share. I expect you took rather more than just the one.

When I take photos at events, I usually set the camera to “burst” shooting, which increases my chances of getting a good picture, but means I have to go through and weed out lots of extra images afterwards.

What are your new projects?

I must have had a camera of one form or another for over 30 years, though I’m not sure about having a big break as such. I do know what the biggest thing I’ve ever done was though - a small rock festival - I managed to get myself down as “official photographer” for the day. As the festival was being held on the sports field of the compound I live on, that isn’t quite the accolade it may come across as. Here’s a set of photos covering the day, which amounts to less than 10% of what shot and then had to sort and edit.

Salwa Rocks

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Some nice pics there @chrisofarabia
@TechnoBear don’t you have any pics to share with us and show your “burst” shooting technique works?

I’m a bit reluctant to post pictures of other folk without their consent, but this bunch knew they would be photographed and likely appear all over the world, so this is Running Bear with the Queen’s Baton (and police escort):

“Burst” shooting is also good for wildlife; gives you a fighting chance that the creature will be looking the right way in at least one picture. Like this obliging chaffinch:


These are the result of burst shooting where the oystercatcher was definitely not co-operating. They’re not particularly good photos, but I kept them for the “story”. (“It’s behind you…!” )


Not sure what counts as a “break”, but I was once the official photographer for the Dresden Dolls concert (Amanda Palmer’s old band) and have also photographed Grimes (Canadian electronic musician). I’ve also photographed some popular travel bloggers (like Jodi from Legal Nomads), and those portraits got featured in some major news publications. Never made that much money from any of it though.

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