April 2010 Photo Showcase: Late

It seems in all our discussion about what the next monthly Photo Showcase topic should be we simply missed the beginning of the month!
{You might have thought our April Fools joke was to NOT post a topic for the month of April}

In that vein, I propose this topic.
As photographers we are always seeking out that PERFECT SHOT; the one that captures an entire sequence or a novel-sized description of an event in just one frame.

This month, you are challenged to show us what happens just a moment later. Right after that perfect moment there is another slice of time that is equally compelling and interesting. Let’s see it.

Might go out later and see if I can take a more in focus version!

I like that one, Rubble.
You have a great gasp of this topic!

Thanks for the comment ParkinT; do you think everybody else is going to wait until May to post so they can be “late” :lol:

This little guy was staring right at me and then, as you would expect, he moved! :lol:

Your photo WarpNacelle reminds me of one I tried taking a few years ago:
A brown horse and white pony face to face on a small hillock; mountains in the background.
I stopped at the gate and by the time I had my camera out they had trotted over to see what I was doing :rolleyes:

oops THIS is the “moment later” to the first photo I posted in this thread.



:lol: What is it about horses! Don’t they want their picture taken?

Well, YELLING about it will only make you hoarse!

I see you are the mane source of such unbridled humor! :rolleyes:

Very nice photos _my_pov the quality is great. I see you have a Canon camera; I have just brought a 500D and am struggling with the depth of field.
I need to get out an practice more.

We had better reign-in this humor before it is too late!
I don’t want to stirrup any trouble on this forum.

*Outstanding pun, BTW, Warp. Bravo.

LOL! Ouch! Yeah we’d better leave it there. :rofl:

I was waiting (in the Cell lot) at Orlando International Airport and caught(?) this.

Notice the airplane in the lower-left corner of the frame.

That’s funny. I wouldn’t have noticed the plane if you hadn’t pointed it out. Were you trying to take a picture of it taking off?

When I arrived at the cell lot I was witness to a PERFECT PHOTO opportunity with a plane that passed directly behind the sign (much larger in the frame than this one) and appeared to the left of the sign; at a very ‘artistic’ climb angle.

A storm was approaching and, apparently, the wind shifted. Once I got my camera out and waited for the next take-off they began coming from a different direction.:mad: