February 2010 Photo Showcase: Fire!


[FONT=“Georgia”]Topic for this month; Fire!

Let’s see what you got.

Admittedly, what I got isn’t actually ‘fire’, but it’s all I have for now. Going to be shooting a proper one this weekend and hopefully not burning my landlady’s house down :smiley:

Remember, all work MUST be your own!

Have fun!



this is me and my son eric at our “winter solstice bonfire” this past december

photography doesn’t has to be about artistic arrangements, or careful composition, or photographic prowess…

… sometimes pictures are awesome simply because they capture a moment of happiness

can you see the happiness here?

A campfire from a trip last fall:

[FONT=“Georgia”]My inner pyromaniac just had an orgasm Warp.

Interesting shot Rudy. I like stuff like that; Where there’s one thing sharp in the foreground and just activity and people blurred in the back. They’re very moody.

hmm… I should go out and shoot some of those this weekend.



Make sure you stick to the fire pits! :lol:



Fire + food = yum

I usually wait for the fire to go out before I eat it, though!!

Great photo!

From firework night last year taken with my A650IS.