June Photo Challenge: "Early Morning"

Some of us are early risers. Some of us stay awake all through the night until dawn.

So what does the “Early Morning” look like to you?

No excuses, all you need to do is open your door. Looking forward to seeing tonnes of your photographs this month! :weee:

At the end, we’ll vote in an open poll on a winner!

Our winner has a choice of any of the prizes below. Runner up receives their choice of our selection of ebooks.

[list=1][*]A one month subscription to Learnable.

With a Learnable subscription, you receive monthly credits that give you access to a wide range of courses—including thousands of videos on web-related topics and SitePoint’s entire ebook collection.

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So. Get out there. And get to clicking!

Rise and shine :slight_smile:

Good morning Bangkok

That’s gorgeous!

Many thanks and yes I really liked the shot as well.

Currently when leaving the apartment, I have noticed the sun is a lot further north and a long way from the twin tower office blocks. It looks like it will be months before I can replicate the shot. It made me think of the difficulty in calibrating a sun dial because Mother earth’s axis gradually tilts over the year.

I wrote a Windows utility to rename images to the Exif date/time details and file all original photos in monthly folders. That particular shot was renamed “110219_0703_38.JPG”. The camera was a handed down as a gift (previous owner upgraded to a later model). It is a robust and sturdy Canon IXUS 700, now on it’s fifth battery :slight_smile:

yes i love to get up early as i have to leave for office right at 8:30 … the cool breeze and chirping birds are very few to quote along with may natural beauties to sooth your heart…

That sounds lovely! You should take a picture and post it for us!

Up in Aberdeen at this time of year when it’s getting close to the longest day, it doesn’t get properly dark for more than a few hours.

Up at 8.00 am to visit Wat Arun - ‘Morning Temple’ on the banks of Bangkok’s Chao Praya river.


Nice picture!

One more week, everyone!

Come on, let’s see what you guys can do!

(ahem… I realise need to post something too. Will get to that this weekend.)

Looking forward to your entry.

Off Topic:

I get the impression most SitePoint Keyboard Warriors are night owls and seldom see an early morning :slight_smile:

Maybe next month the competition should be “Supper and Night Time Drinks”.



For the challenge and for practice.

Want to take part?