May Photo Challenge: Water

Is it a drop, a shower, a fall, a pond, a lake, an ocean? Is it a liquid or a gas (like fog or steam) or is it frozen solid like snow or ice? Water is the subject of this month’s Photo Challenge.

Our winner has a choice of any of the prizes below. Runner up receives their choice of our selection of ebooks.

1.One month subscription to a SitePoint Learnable course. Learnables are online courses that span the range of web development from getting started with PhotoShop or vector art to Designing or Programming your website. Browse SitePoint’s Learnable Courses here.

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So, get to clicking!

Note: We’re always looking for new ideas for photo challenges. If you have one you’d like to suggest, please post it here and we’ll add it to the list.

Here’s one of my favourite photos taken at the tower of westminster!

Nice thread, can i put picture from other sources, or i have to put my own pictures.

Only your own pictures

Two pictures I already posted on these forums before, but they do fit very well in this months topic:

OUTSTANDING photos, @guido2004;!

I love the heron Guido. That photo is excellent for both water in dual forms and reflection!

Crown Fountain in Chicago’s Millennium Park:

Are people actually walking in the fountain?

Yes, there is a large reflecting pool with large videos at either end. The water flows down the faces and into the pool. You will almost always find people walking barefoot through the fountain, night or day.

Two shots I did for this theme, 14 days ago - been too busy to post it earlier…

Of course they are from Senja :wink:

Waterfall @sunset - 10km from my house

Giants kettle @Tungeneset

“Potential Energy”

A triathlete about to start his swim at a recent event here in Trinidad.

A refreshing way to start the day.

I can’t see images in the posts of Shaun(OfTheDead) or John_Betong. Is it just me or are the images not showing for others?

Clicking on the link in John’s post I see the image.

@Shaun_OfTheDead; it seems your image has disappeared. That link gives me a 404.

I love that first shot. You didn’t change the colors?

[FONT=Verdana]I’m just managing to sneak in here at the last minute, with this picture of the Doulton Fountain on Glasgow Green:

and some rather wilder water at Lower Killeyan, Islay:


Last minute entry…

Icebathing this Winter - I have just jumped from the 5 meter high pier @-11°C and 1,5m snow, water temp is around 1,5-2°C - after a snowboard trip @Senja :smiley:

nope, I didnt change anything - 5d2 + soft gnd to bring the sky back

Come on, people. Let’s get some more votes!