Marketing tips without spending a dime?

Things become so much critical on internet and there are very few popular options people use get high traffic to their websites by hiring expert marketing gurus. In my case I’m single person to code, design, develop, launch etc so I’m undergraduate student and passionate web developer. I have developed social dating website and hosted it from my own pocket money (Launching in new year). What I want to know here is that what are best ways I can use to market my website beside social networking without spending a dime :slight_smile:

Your single tip can make me success on internet please only single suggestion. :rolleyes:

Content marketing, there really isn’t any other way around it. It doesn’t have to be on your new website, but a couple of blogs dedicated to promoting your dating website isn’t a bad idea. Eventually you will have plenty of email subscribers to run email campaigns as well.

Forum posting still works as does article marketing especially with sites like Ezine articles and goarticles. Also blog commenting.

If you have a writing skills or something related to promoting contents such as videos, images, or articles, you can create a buzz about your website through contents. That’s the only thing I see effective about marketing without spending a single buck.

Sometimes, it comes with relationship building where you will create something that other bloggers or website owners can notice you and write something about your blog. This is quite effective especially if there’s something special within your site that you want to showcase.

Social media and video on youtube… YOull notice more and more videos ranking when people ask google questions - just try searching for an seo service - thats a great example!

Here is a list of free promotion methods you can use:

  1. write articles and publish them on free directories (ezinearticles, goarticles, hubpages, articlebase)
  2. Create videos and upload them on video sharing sites and include a link to your website in the description( Youtube, dailymotion)
  3. Write free ebook and distribute it ( free-ebooks . net)
  4. Comment of blogs
  5. Post on Forums.

Have you seen videos that are more of a info-graphics?
I believe this is a very useful technique nowadays, and people are more into graphics and images right? Because it is more enticing.
You can search for free tools over the internet and then try to explore. :slight_smile:

In regards to your question, one option that can help market your website is to go on YouTube and put together a viral campaign. Many small companies have increased their brand awareness by putting up multiple videos that revolve around their products or services.

Another option is to put a blog together that can be helpful and useful to the community. Obviously it takes time to get views and readers but there is a reason why many small and large businesses have constant updated blogs. I’ve seen many bloggers with a Top Ten every other week that discusses topics from Tech to Pop Culture. It seems that many internet users have an attraction to Top Ten List’s that it’s becoming a mainstay with regards to blog marketing.