Did you spend any money for you website/blog promotion?

hi all ,
I stuck to get traffic for my new website . only few IPs per day, I have submitted to many open directories several weeks ago, but it looks does not work to get traffic. it doesn’t allow to promote website in many forums as signature . and I posted every article to my social network (few followers) but low traffic yet.

I want know that how did you promote your website/blog in well way when it was new ? does it must pay for promotion is better way ?

Thanks !

How long has your site been up and how much content is on it?

hi Force Flow

my website was built 2 months ago, and almost 100 articles there till now, each article was written by us , in other words, it is unique, we published at least 1 article every day .

I never spend money to promote my site.For you the best idea is comment on blogs who has the same niche like you and this will give some free targeted traffic.

What is your target audience? Url? That will help us choose the best targeted marketing methods for you.

I built my business using a free technique - ad swaps.

It is not necessary for you to pay for traffic. You can build links that is the best way to gain traffic. Try more off page SEO techniques and you’ll have good rank.

You said you wrote those articles, so content is no longer a problem. How about keywords? Did you make use of them in your articles? In other words, are they SEO optimized? Also, try blog commenting and joining forums within your niche. It may take some time, so be patient. Another option would be to seek the services of more skilled people in site promotion. I’m actually doing that right now, to make things easier for me. All the best!

Not at all…
Well, one who is performing seo for a site, he/she should know how to do it properly to get good result, traffic as well as ranking of the site in the serp out of it.

first thing for success is offering something thats useful to others.

its probably a good idea spending part of your earnings on promoting. however there are tons of free ways of marketing, you should check them first.

My blog started to get decent amount of visitors after 4 months, maybe you should be patient a bit while still continuing your efforts, I saw significant change after I did article submissions to article directories regularly, forum posting also helps a lot to bring traffic. In your case perhaps it could be a bit different, I would do several different methods if I were you and when I find a method that works best I’m gonna stick to it.

I don’t spend money on my blog. What I do is to promote it on social networking sites and some link exchanges
If your site is new, then it’ll be very hard to promote it but as time goes by and you never stopped promoting it, then you’ll have the results you’re aiming for. Just be patient.

I have spend a voucher received in my adsense account of 100$ for adwords adverts, but real stuff was my SEO.