Best way to spend my marketing money?

I’m having a social network built. It will be done for January sometime.
I’ve got some cash to use as a starter marketing but i don;t know where and or how to spend it to get the best results. Wanted to spend about £1000 - 2000 on marketing in the first month and more later on…

The domain name is new, i bought it almost a year ago but haven’t used it because the site has been in production since so its just there doing nothing.

I’m not sure if i should try to target english speaking audiences or go for something else since english social networks are everywhere these days. Do you think i should target other languages? If so any suggestions on which language and where to advertise to this audience from?

I’m open to all sorts of suggestions on how to get my site out there. I’ve invested some cash and time into this and i’m willing to put all it takes into getting a product going that will return a steady monthly income.

thanks in advance

Social networks only grow when there’s a real life network behind the initial users. Without that, there will be too few people there to make connections and actually use the site. Broad advertising is not going to work.

So what is it that’s better about your network than Facebook, and what group can you reach and convince to try it out?

what would I suggest is go for some CPA campaign, it will ensure user registration
If you are looking for some help on it, I am there !!

Unless you have a really unique idea, its better to take free marketing route first until make a base of loyal users. Nobody wanna be a part of an empty site, that much money wont help you much really on marketing in your early starts.

Make a marketing plan. Find out related social sites, and market there. Do SEO; on-page and off page both.

I would suggest you to spend money in doing SEO of your website. Also try to give the best look to your website, if it is not upto the mark as per current industry standards.
@Marketting, Make a plan OR Hire Best SEO Developer and tell him your budget and GOALS, he will definitely help you on this.

Make a small video clip that will go viral.

If you come up with a really creative idea, you will get hundreds of thousands of visitors for very low spend. It’s much easier said than done of course, and depends if you can think of a good enough idea.


You can’t make something go viral :confused:

No you can’t, but if it’s unique and good enough, with enough creativity that makes people want to share it, it definitely can go viral. That’s what accelerator was getting at, like specifically designing a video with the intention of it being the kind of video people want to share and tell others about.

It’s not too hard, just get Charlie to bite another finger haha (if you don’t know about that, just YouTube “Charlie bit my finger”)

On the discussion at hand: I’d get active as hell on the social media front. Put a link to it in every profile you own on every site you’re on, then start connecting with everyone you possibly can. The best way to spread the word is to get people talking about your stuff on the other platforms, since word-of-mouth traffic right now, in this time period, is so much more massive than anything else you could be doing.

If you want to spend on money, which you really don’t need to, then hire people to do the same.

You need to get people talking about this. Well, before that, you need to have something worth talking about. But assuming you have that, by connecting with people and sharing it with them, they WILL talk about it.

Sure you can advertise it as much as you want, but Twitter didn’t explode because of postcards or PPC. It exploded because it’s a game-changing platform for communication on the social web, and the people themselves fueled the promoting.

So that’s how I’d tackle this… You should definitely read Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk, if you haven’t already. And Tribes, by Seth Godin. To blow this up, you’ll need a combo of the two of those: the loyal followers/fan base, and the hustle to pull it off.

It’s a slightly vague game plan but I hope that helps,
-Tom adsense in pop up, that’s black hat, be careful with that you can be banned.

The best way to spend your money is to create a plan first. Not just a few ideas but a sound sturdy plan that will lead you to success. Think of factors such as time/cost/R.O.I and so forth. If it’s time intensive it’s probably going to be inexpensive or free such as social bookmarking, writing press releases, making back-links, and so forth. Things that may be more expensive would be like buying banners and whatnot.