hi everyone,

             i have entertainment website contains movie details like i need to promote my website..yesterday i saw some company's who provide promotion and they asked some money to question is which is best one to promote my site....and one more thing alexa also provide this facility...basic package is 10$ if any one know then let me site is belongs to indian entertainment site

is there any way to promote site without spending money using social media…actually i knw it is possible but i dont knw how to use social media for this purpose
thanks in advance

can i get free backlinks from any site …when i submit my url

Remember to update the Fresh Content and work on Link building everyday !

Any links that you can easily get for free are ones that anyone else can easily get for free too … which means they are pretty much worthless as far as SEO goes.

I think you Don’t know About SEO. There is a way where you can get your Traffic or visitor for your websites. If you are not Spending anything then, how your websites getting visitor? There is another way also where you can get traffic but It is also Paid. That called Google Ad wards. I think without Marketing your Website Marketing is Blind, So you have to promote your site or Just don’t do anything…

If you are competing with IMDB and don’t have 10’s of thousands of $ to spend per month, then forget about it.

You get what you pay for; in this case: very little.

Without spending money there is best way to promote your son social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon etc. you can just share your site to your friends or followers and them to share it to their friends of friends i think this will help you in getting viral traffic and promotion to your site.

SEO is not something you did anything and got result. It helps in branding and getting business. It seems you are very new and looking for cheap links, probably you have heard about earning links, I good link is equal to thousands of cheap links and also there is no fear of link spam.
Please note
Cheap links: Link Spam you may be victim of Penguin
Content Duplication leads Panda
Any activity you do knowingly or unknowingly which violets the guidelines of Search Engine can lead to removal from search engines, SEO is not something which is governed by some laws, rather here are guidelines which are closely associated with user experience and fulfilling the purpose of a website at maximum level. It also deals with trust and believe with any site it is why branding plays important role.
Most of experts I am sure have a strong experienced that what they are doing have less value than how they are doing
So once you have decided must check for above mentioned.

You can use only social media without spending no money but it is a very long road to go. And you have to live in dynamic SM environment.

offocurse. you can get.
You can search for directories at google by typing submit url in quotes.

Out of curiosity, what makes your site any different from IMBD? Seems like a massive task to take on, rather than focuses on a small niche.

see cbp ,iam not at all thinking about money…k.if it is good i will spend money for that…don’t be send like this…if u knw anythng useful information plz send it,but not like this

Well, I can suggest make some scripts of your movie details and make some video then upload it to yooutube or any other social media sites that are free. That way you can promote your sites with no payment.

First of all you have to read some additional information about SEO. Do not make hasty steps. You can find many guidelines on the internet. I can advice this

You can join movie fans/ moviegoers forums and interact with their members, then ask for their reviews about your site. That way you can get reviews to make your site better and also gain traffic to your site.

Free links does not work nowadays at all. Even cheap links start not to work either. Sorry… life is cruel.

So, only paid links work?

With free links also we can increase visitors. I think so!! If not, please correct me!!

I don’t know what to correct. I just wrote they are usually not working for SEO anymore. If something is free then anyone can get it and they do. You are not any special there.

About effectiveness I can not tell as it all really depends.