Best means for promotion?

I have around $400/500 per month to spend on advertisement for my Website which is - anyone got any suggestions?

Google AdWords.

Unless you can find an adequate site in your niche to spend a bit of money on, Google AdWords is all you should be looking at.

I have used it before. It was a while ago but I only had a small budget and it didn’t seem to make any impact on traffic - is there a relevant guide or anything on how to use it effectively, and does it really make a difference?

Also, would something like be legitimate and/or fruitful? Anyone tried anything similar… seems a bit too easy and good to be true to me.,

The best way to advertise is adwords and facebbok…

best way as per my experience is put text or banner listing on yahoo paid directory and some other branded sites and enjoy the traffic with leads.

Advertise on sites that are within your specific niche! Rewards will be great.

Adwords is the best way to get traffic, but if you are not familiar with it then hire someone to run your campaign.

I would use the money and get an experience SEO company help you with link building and articles

Any company suggestions?

Also, does anyone know who would be good to help me run an adwords campaign. PPC alongside SEO sounds like a good idea…

you may use Google Adwords. with that bugets, you may also hide a freelancer to do SEO for that site.

You can hire more SEO in order to promote your site.

Suggestions for SEO people/companies, guys?

I would first try with a SEO guy, for a couple of months. Then I would definitely go for Facebook advertising.

Invest on good software that can automate the job for you. I use powerful tools like UAW and SENuke.

You could check this company on Odesk.

It is always best to invest it on services or all-in-one softwares like SENuke. But you have to get the method together yourself. I would not suggest PPC. In my experience, it cannot give you a quick return on investment unless you know the game.

If you have the money to pay up for advertisements, CPC is the right choice for you but if you want to earn traffic in an organic way, hire SEO professional to optimize and rank up your site in search engines.

The best way as per my experience is google adwords.