Other way of promotion website


  please tell me some other way of promoting my website ignored social bookmarking and directory submit ion.

There are alot of video hosting sites for you to make videos as marketing. Alot quicker to make compared to articles. Traffic Geyser does auto submit to multiple sites for fee. You can use view tube train to promote your hottest video. You use screen capture from Jing for $15 a year.

Article Marketing can get you some SEO results. Theres a tool called jet submitter that can take one article and turn it into 50 without getting duplicate content slap on any. You have to do some work first. Put those articles on web 2.0 sites, article sites with high page rank. You need to definitely use Ezines article site. Best, and highest page rank article site in existence.

Build a schedule and stick to it. Don’t be afraid of PPC but take a course to get expert methods and training.

Find a related high traffic site to advertise on and create something valuable for them (an article? a video?) that includes a link back to your website.

thanks for good suggestion. i impressed with your guideline .thanks again.

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                   thank u for your good thoughts.i follow on this way.

You may use social networking for promoting your product. Join some popular social networks like facebook , eZdia , twitter , linkedin , orkut . Make more and more connections there and introduce your product to them
Its an easy and little bit time taking but you will get some good and quality traffic to your site

Do Article Marketing and Press Release for your site. It is the best way to promote your site.

Banner advertisement is one of the better ways to promote your websites if you can afford it, you can go for PPC advertisement.

I am using free traffic system, add one article with your link in it to 30 blogs immediately, submit one article per day and after some time targeted traffic come.

Link exchanges, banner exchanges, buying banners, buying hard-links, having bloggers write about your site and linking to you, paid forum posting, press releases, business cards, flyers, street signs, the list is practically endless my friend…

The days of a web site being a destination have been over for a long time. Your web site is part of your marketing. See the thread on postcards to a targeted list. Otherwise parasite on anyone doing better than you. GL

Marketing through the word of mouth is very strong. Consider social media to really push your site via the word of mouth. You can socialize by getting involved in online communities around about what you’re offering. Social media and viral widgets like the one from SocialTwist are a great way to create a buzz about your site.

Press Releases also helpful to you

Facebook > Twitter > My soace