Make facebook page without account


i need to make page to grow my bussiness


Then you need to sign up to Facebook. You can't use Facebook without a Facebook account.


Sounds like you want a page to do what Facebook does, without a Facebook account.

You can right click on a Facebook page and "view page source," and learn css and htlm5.

It is all about putting in the time and problem solving on your own.


A site that operates like Facebook requires a lot more than just html & css. That may give you a page with the appearance of FB, but it won't function like it.
As well as a lot of javascript, which is also viewable in the source, there is an awful lot going on at the server side which you cannot view the source of. Lots of complex server side scripting and databases are required for its functionality.


I don't think it is possible to create a Facebook page without an account. If you don't want to create a Facebook account, I suggest you just create your own website. But it's easier to sign up to Facebook and set up a page than the latter option.


Making Facebook Page always requires account. Here's a similar question from Facebook community. Check is here:


Thanks. I really thought most stuff could be done without programming language. I am still a student.


A basic static site can be made with just html and css (css is not even necessary, but generally expected).

But for something like social media or forums, something that users interact with, as opposed to just simply read and look at, you need programming of some kind plus databases to store data.

A site of just static content can benefit form programming. If there are a lot of pages and/or a lot of data, scripting and databases can make it a lot easier to manage and maintain.


Some time ago I was trying to do the same, but it looks like it is not possible without valid Facebook account. Also note that if you create a Facebook page with fake account then it is under the risk of getting blocked/suspended. Try to use genuine account.


A fake account is using an alias, I know that. Are there other ways to make a fake account?


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