Create a page in facebook

Hi Everyone
I have a problem in facebook. How can I create a attractive page in facebook. I have facebook account not know how create a page.
Anyone can suggest me how can I do this easily.

i think you have to create it as a new account. dont be logged in to your current account to do it.

What from this question would make you believe he has a current account and needs a different one?

AFAIK there is no way to customize a Facebook page. All of them, hi-profile and ordinary, use the Facebook Timeline and how to use the timeline is documented in Facebook support. What is your specific problem?

It’s really quite simple, once you’ve singed into facebook go to create Facebook page. In here just fill in all the information.

In terms of design you should not overly get hyped on it. From experience any appearance hacks I attempted got ruined by Facebook intentionally as their updates were geared towards preventing them. Define your custom appearance through your website. With Facebook you can change the images and designs, but you still have to be careful. Read the Facebook Page terms.

There are also attractive services out there that do much of this for you, but they normally charge for the service, take a look at PageModo. I have used PageModo free service, it made the Facebook page appear more like a website by placing HTML custom code in the centre region on Facebook.

Hope this helps.

To make your FB page more attractive, get a nice banner… You might want to Google for “free facebook timeline cover”.
The image should be 851x315px. You could also find ppl on to build you a custom timeline cover.


It is not necessary to create a new one. Go to this link on Facebook - to create a page. Make sure your Facebook account has already been verified through email because Facebook will require you to do so. After that, you will be redirected to a page as to what is your page all about, is it about a Local Business or Place, Company / Organization or Institution… etc.

Facebook is now essential to your inbound marketing strategy. Follow this instruction to create a Facebook page

Just go to

but you have to login first. It doesn’t matter which account you use. After you created your page, write some information about your site, post some nice photos to get started.

First, you need to find your way to a page creation space on Facebook – by using Face book’s “create a page” tool and then select what kind of page you’re making. Sign in that you’re authorized to make the page (if you’re officially representing the brand), and that you agree to Face book’s policies.
The basic categories are: Local Business/Place, Company/Organization/Institution, Brand/Product, Artist/Band/Celebrity, Entertainment and Cause/Community.
You enter your basic information, depending on the type of page you’re making: name and Web site, hours and addresses for a business, contact information and more.

You can create Facebook page with any Facebook account but I am not sure what kind of problem you are facing now to creating it. Because its not hard as you thinking simple step are there to make it. Facebook page are a good idea to promote your business, your thoughts, product, company. Most of people are using this service.

The instructions for how to create page have been listed out several times. Let’s hold off on repeating them any more and stick to new suggestions… Thanks!

Open a page from your account go to Pages and there is a button to open new page. Why I recommend to open from your profile because if you open Fake profile on your brand name Facebook update will delete it. After that activate your Timeline make unique designs for your brand FB page with the FV timeline size. start posting and inviting your friends. You can add also custom tabs for example Welcome, Invite Friends, My official website, I am in Twitter etc.

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