How to get a Facebook page for my business?

How do I get a Facebook page for my business?

When you sign up for Facebook you can choose to create a ‘page’ instead of a profile.

Go from there. You can look up how to customize the page on the internet. There are even books on it.


Yep, it’s quite a complex topic if you go deep enough on it. There is a way to have HTML tabs on your page and display content for non-fans and fans, from here you can paste your HTML code. You’re also able to customize your tabs on the left-hand side. I’ve not actually read a book on the matter, don’t really like reading book, prefer to learn by example.

  1. Create your page here -
  2. Look at this on Facebook Tabs -

Wish you luck

Members, please note that the basic “how do I” question has been answered. If you have other comments to bring to the thread in terms of making the most of the page/ configuring it / etc please share them but let’s stay away from providing the same facts a dozen times.

I’m not so sure that tabs will work anymore with FB Timeline, which, in my understanding will be default by the end of this month.

Just noticed, it’s a little broken now with FB Timeline, which will be the standard on the end of the month :slight_smile: So whether you like it or not, you’ll be on timelines! Not sure what the people are going to do who have subscription with premium facebook pages on services like

Not to take this thread off-topic, but although timeline for pages is a problem for some, I certainly understand (or think I do) FB’s reasoning. I believe they want to keep control of their brand and lately a lot of pages are beginning to look more like min-website of their own rather than FB pages.

Today, Facebook plays a crucial role in the Internet. It’s one of the greatest social network. Here you can chat with people, find new friends, listen to music, watching video, read news and etc. Also, it is possible to present your business on FB and to high its rankings. Thus, if you want to get a FB page for your business you just need to create not your profile, but a page. Today you can find a lot o information about customizing your business. It’s easy, everything you need it’s a little persistence and time.

Off Topic:

It was getting that way. I think it actually did us some good really. Facebook is not a website and many were treating it as a mini-website. I would dread to be part of one of these social media companies who now have completely change how they do things just to cope with Facebook’s new changes. Imagine trying to explain to the clients that you’re going to have to drop all those shiny new pages you coded for them. :slight_smile:
I feel it’s going to hit them the hardest as now Facebook page hacks will gradually be a thing of the past.

Okay the generic question has been asked and answered. To the OP, now that you know “how” to get started, if you have a specific question please ask it in a new thread.

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