Create a Personal FB Profile After Creating a Business Page


A few years back I create a facebook business page without having a personal page/account. I’ve decided now that I want a personal page as well, but I am having difficulty on creating one. I couldn’t find a way to do it while logged into my business account, so I signed out and tried to sign up. Using my email- it automatically logs me back into my account once I submit to create.
I’ve searched all over on how to create a person fb profile when you already have a business page, and I only find responses on the opposite, creating a business page when only have a personal profile, or creating a business page without a personal profile. I cannot find anything that mentions my issue.
I tried going to the facebook community help forum, but once I try to create a post, it automatically sends me to my fb business page when I click the button that will allow you to create a new post. I’ve noticed from time to time, when I click certain things, it automatically takes me right back to my business page, and I always assumed it had to do with not having a personal page. Now I realize I can’t even ask for help. I don’t know if this is a bug, or if it’s because they severely limit what you can do with a business page and not having a personal page causes issues.
Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. I thought this was going to be a simple task, but it is turning out to be rather time consuming… either I am missing something completely obvious— or creating a business page without a personal page has some issues… thank you.

Did you try using a different email address to create your personal page, or would Facebook count that as duplicate accounts?

I am trying to use the same e-mail, because I thought you could switch between the personal and business page easily. It looks like I may have a personal page that was never really updated with anything when I created the business page… I can see it in the mobile app, and it has no detail about me. I can’t seem to pull this up in the desktop version. But even under the personal profile, it seems I can’t request friends.

It looks like your only option is to create a new profile with a different email. Once you have done that, login to your old profile, make your new profile an admin and owner of your pages. That way your active account can manage your page. If you just leave your old profile inactive, it would be deleted on its own. But if you want it deleted sooner, you can message FB support through your real account that you wish to inactivate your old account which has since become inactive and you no longer have any access to.

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Create a new fb profile and create your desire page.

pls tell me how to edit my account